Sociologic (2nd edition)

James Arvanitakis

Sociologic: Analysing Everyday Life and Culture is a contemporary introduction to sociology. You will learn about sociological concepts through examining a variety of theories and theorists, all the while relating and applying this knowledge to your own experiences of everyday life. This book is about studying contemporary society - a fascinating challenge because we are studying something that we are actually part of: that is, we have to look at our everyday experiences and ask, 'why do we consider this normal?'. With such understanding, we can have informed discussions about what traditions of our society are important for us to protect and keep, and what parts we believe we should change. This new edition has been completely revised, and includes five new chapters: Australia in the World; Environment; Science, Technology and Society; Social Movements, and Religion and Contemporary Society. Editor James Arvanitakis has assembled a stellar author team who collectively give students the tools to analyse how society functions, operates and changes... and lay down a challenge to change it for the better.


1 Introduction
2 Leap into Sociology
3 Studying Society and Culture
4 Researching the World Around Us
5 Modernity and Modernisation
6 Class and Class Relations
7 Sex and Gender
8 Power in Contemporary Society
9 Race and Ethnicity
10 Australia in the world
11 Globalisation
12 Society and the Environment
13 Science, Technology and Society
14 Media, social media, and generation swipe
15 Social Movements
16 Indigenous Australia
17 Youth and Young People
18 Deviance and moral panics
19 Work and Society
20 Society and the World of Sports
21 Religion and contemporary society
22 Conclusion and How to Change the World


James Arvanitakis is Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Graduate Studies) at Western Sydney University. He is also a lecturer in Humanities and a member of the University's Institute for Culture and Society. James was also the founding Head of The Academy at Western Sydney University that received an Australian Financial Review higher education excellence award (2016) and the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue Excellence in Education Award (2017).