Blackstone's Police Manuals Volume 2: Evidence and Procedure 2021

ISBN : 9780198866480

Glenn Hutton; David Johnston
352 ページ
206 x 292 mm

Blackstone's Police Manuals 2021, endorsed by the College of Policing, are the only official study guides for the NPPF Step Two Legal Examination. Straightforward and accessible, Blackstone's Police Manuals are the only resource used by question writers when preparing an NPPF Step Two Legal Examination and each of the four volumes forms part of the only comprehensive version of the 2021 syllabus. Blackstone's Police Manual Volume 2: Evidence and Procedure 2021 covers areas including Bail, Disclosure of Evidence, Youth Justice, Crime and Disorder, and Court Procedure and Witnesses, as well as PACE Codes C, D, E, F, and H. For complex or commonly misunderstood areas, there are handy Keynote boxes, which point to relevant case law or provide an example of how material is used in a practical sense, helping you to establish the connections between legislation and police procedure. The 2021 edition has been updated to incorporate all recent legislative developments and case law. . Also available in the series are: Volume 1: Crime 2021, Volume 3: Road Policing 2021, and Volume 4: General Police Duties 2021. Blackstone's Police Manuals are also available as part of our online Blackstone's Police Manuals and Q&As service: http://www.blackstonespoliceservice.com


1 Instituting Criminal Proceedings
2 Release of Person Arrested
3 Court Procedure and Witnesses
4 Youth Justice, Crime and Disorder
5 Exclusion of Admissible Evidence
6 Disclosure of Evidence
7 Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers: PACE Code C
8 Identification: PACE Code D
9 Interviews: PACE Codes C, E and F


Glenn Hutton BA, MPhil, FCIPD is a director of Psychometric Technology Limited which designs and publishes psychological tests and provides selection and assessment services. Formerly a Superintendent in North Yorkshire Police, he also worked as Head of NPT Examinations and Assessment, Head of Training in North Yorkshire and as both Course Director and Director of Studies at the Police Staff College, Bramshill.; David Johnston LLB, LLM is a barrister and Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Service. Formerly a member of the NPT Examinations and Assessment team, he is a former OSPRE Assessor and previously worked as a legal researcher for the Home Office in Harrogate.