Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction [#200]
Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction [#200]

言論や表現の自由とはどれだけ重要なのでしょうか。何があっても保障されるべきものでしょうか。それとも言えることと言えないことに制限を設けたほうが良いのでしょうか。本書は従来の哲学的議論、社会が今日直面している現実の課題、そして論争を詳しく分析しながら、このような問いを投げかけ、私たちに考えさせる一冊です。(cf. Free Speech: What Everyone Needs to Know)

  • An accessible and up-to-date examination of the principal arguments both for and against our right to maintain free speech
  • Looks at controversial issues ranging from Holocaust denial and pornography, to the status of modern copyright law
  • Relates philosophical arguments to present-day case studies, and combines traditional areas of discussion, such as J. S. Mill's arguments in On Liberty, with new applications and challenges to free speech, such as digital technology and the Internet

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it' This slogan, attributed to Voltaire, is frequently quoted by defenders of free speech. Yet it is rare to find anyone prepared to defend all expression in every circumstance, especially if the views expressed incite violence. So where do the limits lie? What is the real value of free speech? Here, Nigel Warburton offers a concise guide to important questions facing modern society about the value and limits of free speech: Where should a civilized society draw the line? Should we be free to offend other people's religion? Are there good grounds for censoring pornography? Has the Internet changed everything? This Very Short Introduction is a thought-provoking, accessible, and up-to-date examination of the liberal assumption that free speech is worth preserving at any cost.


1: Free Speech
2: A Free Market in Ideas?
3: Giving and Taking Offence
4: Censoring Pornography
5: Free Speech in the Age of the Internet
6: Conclusion: The Future of Free Speech


Nigel Warburton is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open University. He is the author of numerous books, including the bestselling Philosophy: the Basics (4th ed), Thinking from A to Z,Freedom: an Introduction with Readings, Philosophy: the Classics, The Art Question, and many more. He teaches courses on aesthetics for Tate Modern and regularly writes and broadcasts in the media on a range of topics, including running the popular Philosophy Bites podcast with David Edmonds.

"The genius of Nigel Warburton's Free Speech lies not only in its extraordinary clarity and incisiveness. Just as important is the way Warburton addresses freedom of speech - and attempts to stifle it - as an issue for the 21st century. More than ever, we need this book." - Denis Dutton, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

"Crisp, clear and astute, this is a thought-provoking introduction to one of the most hotly contested questions of our time." - Lisa Appignanesi, President English PEN


ISBN : 9780199232352

Nigel Warburton
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Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction [#200]

Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction [#200]

Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction [#200]