The Natural History of the Crustacea: Reproductive Biology: Volume VI

Rickey Cothran; Martin Thiel

This is the sixth volume of a ten-volume series on The Natural History of the Crustacea. The volume synthesizes in nineteen chapters our current understanding of diverse topics in crustacean reproductive biology. In the first part of this book, the chapters address allocation strategies to reproduction, gamete production, brooding behavior, and other components of parental care in crustaceans. The second part of the volume centers on sexual systems in crustaceans. The third section of the volume covers crustacean mating systems and sexual selection. Reproductive Biology ends with three chapters covering diverse topics including reproductive rhythms, crustacean personality research, and record breaking crustaceans with respect to reproductive characters.


Chapter 1. Allocation of Reproductive Efforts Jared M. Goos and Punidan D. Jeyasingh
Chapter 2. Oogenesis in Crustaceans - Ultrastructural Aspects and Selected Regulating Factors Mariusz K. Jaglarz and Szczepan M. Bilinski
Chapter 3. Fertilization Success in Crustaceans from the Male Perspective: Sperm Ultrastructure and Sperm Economy Mika M. J. Tan, Christopher Tudge, Miguel A. Penna-Diaz, and Martin Thiel
Chapter 4. Costs and Benefits of Brooding Among Decapod Crustaceans: The Challenges of Incubating in Aquatic Systems Miriam Fernandez, Antonio Brante, and Simone Baldanzi
Chapter 5. The Caring Crustacean: An Overview of Crustacean Parental Care Alexandre V. Palaoro and Martin Thiel
Chapter 6. An Overview of Sexual Systems Gunter Vogt
Chapter 7. An Evolutionary Ecological Approach to Sex Allocation and Sex Determination in Crustaceans Kota Sawada and Sachi Yamaguchi
Chapter 8. Hermaphroditism and Gonochorism Chiara Benvenuto and Stephen C. Weeks
Chapter 9. Parthenogenesis David J. Innes and France Dufresne
Chapter 10. Overview of the Mating Systems of Crustacea Alexandre V. Palaoro and Jan Beermann
Chapter 11. Sexual Selection and Sexual Conflict in Crustaceans Rickey D. Cothran
Chapter 12. Multiple Matings and Sperm Competition Carola Becker and Raymond T. Bauer
Chapter 13. Detecting Cryptic Female Choice in Decapod Crustaceans Colin McLay and Stefan Dennenmoser
Chapter 14. Environmental Influences on Crustacean Sex Determination and Reproduction: Environmental Sex Determination, Parasitism and Pollution Alison M. Dunn, Thierry Rigaud, and Alex T. Ford
Chapter 15. Alternative Reproductive Tactics Shawn Garner and Bryan Neff
Chapter 16. Cryptic Diversity and Sexual Selection Matthias Galipaud, Loic Bollache, and Clement Lagrue
Chapter 17. Rhythms and Reproduction Stefan Dennenmoser, John H. Christy, and Martin Thiel
Chapter 18. Animal Personality and Investment in Reproduction: Hermit Crabs and Other Crustaceans as Model Organisms Mark Briffa
Chapter 19. Crustacean Reproductive Records Gunter Vogt, Rickey D. Cothran, Mika Tan, and Martin Thiel


Rickey Cothran is Professor of Biological Sciences at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Martin Thiel is Professor of Marine Biology at Universidad Catolica del Norte (UCN) in Coquimbo, Chile.