English-English-Kannada Dictionary

ISBN : 9780198089247

Prabhu Shankara; B.V. Sridhar
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  • Words like 'citizen journalism', 'e-learning', 'hate crime', 'learning disability', 'newsworthy', 'road rage', and many more have been taken from current usage of English.
  • The English base of the dictionary, taken from the Oxford Student's Dictionary (3rd Edition) has been adapted for Indian readers.
  • To make the dictionary more user-friendly detailed definitions and one-word equivalents in Kannada have been included for words that needed to be explained further for example, 'brain drain', 'electrocardiogram', 'metal detector' and 'microsurgery'.
  • Words like 'acid test', 'aqua', 'call centre', 'correspondence course', and 'malware' which do not have equivalent Kannada words have been explained by detailed definitions.
  • Many words such as 'computer', 'software', 'smartphone', and 'multiplex' have been written out in Kannada to show that such words have now been included in the language.
  • The Kannada translation is simple and reflects the current usage of the language.
  • A pronunciation guide using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) along with their Kannada equivalents is given for help in pronunciation.
  • A list of suffixes and prefixes translated in Kannada and a list of verbs with irregular forms have been added to the appendix for advanced learners of English.

This dictionary contains more than 52,000 entries, related phrases, idioms and more than 200 illustrations. Like our other Bilingual Dictionaries, this has been specially compiled for learners of English, teachers, translators and general readers.


Edited by Prabhu Shankara, Director of Prasaranga, Mysore University, and B.V. Sridhar, Deputy Director of the Prasaranga, Mysore University
Prabhu Shankara, an eminent scholar in Kannada, started his teaching career in 1950 and retired as Professor of Kannada. He served as the Director of Prasaranga, the publication wing of the Mysore University, for 16 years. Dr. Prabhu Shankara was the chairman of "the Mysore University English-Kannada Dictionary" project for over three decades. He has also served as a visiting Professor at a number of universities, including Benaras Hindu University. He was the recipient of several awards including the Kannada Sahitya Academy award for his outstanding contribution to Kannada literature. He has more than 40 publications to his credit.
B.V. Sridhar began his career in 1972 as Assistant Editor and acquired a vast experience (35 years) in the field of lexicography. His contribution to "the Mysore University English- Kannada Dictionary" is immense. He has also compiled two other dictionaries namely, Kannada-English Dictionary (with Dr. Prabhu Shankara) and Jaina Paribhashika Padavivara Kosh (with Dr. Saraswati Vijaykumar). In addition to numerous translations, he has nearly twenty-five publications to his credit. After a seven-year stint as the Deputy Director of the Prasaranga, the publication wing of the Mysore University, Sridhar spent another seven years working on the Kannada Encyclopaedia (of the Mysore University). He was also the Editor of the Mysore University journal (quarterly) Prabuddha Karnataka and a monthly magazine called Granthaloka.