Hayes & Williams' Family Law (6th edition)

Stephen Gilmore; Lisa Glennon

Hayes & Williams' Family Law provides comprehensive, critical, and case-focused discussion of the key legislation and debates affecting adults and children.

Cases are at the heart of family law and this textbook offers copious case detail, with comprehensive summaries throughout the text to ensure students understand the development of family law through the courts.

Alongside expert analysis and critique of the current law, the text also includes socio-legal perspectives to help students contextualize their understanding. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter allow students the opportunity to reflect and apply their knowledge and offer the ideal preparation for exams and assessments.

The text also includes a range of further features to support students studying the subject for the first time, including legislation extracts, contextual chapter introductions, and further reading advice, alongside a clear and engaging writing style.

Online Resources
The text is accompanied by the following free to access online resources:
· Multiple choice questions with feedback to test student understanding
· Updates on new cases and legislation
· A flashcard glossary of key terminology
· Further reading suggestions for each chapter


Introduction: The changing family and developing family law
Part 1: Adult Family Law
1 The formation of adult relationships
2 The dissolution of adult relationships
3 Protection from domestic violence and occupation of the family home
4 Money and property distribution on marriage breakdown
5 Property disputes of unmarried cohabitants on relationship breakdown
Part 2: Child Family Law
6 Financial support for children
7 A child's parents - parentage, parenthood and parental responsibility
8 Children's rights
9 Private law disputes and issues in children cases
10 Children needing services, care, and protection
11 Adoption and special guardianship


Stephen Gilmore is Professor of Family Law at King's College London and a Barrister at Lincoln's Inn. His research interests include parental responsibility, post-separation parenting, and children's rights.; Lisa Glennon is an independent legal researcher, author, and former Lecturer in Law at Queen's University, Belfast.