Compact English-English-Punjabi Dictionary

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  • The dictionary provides 2,000 key words that are the most important words to know in English, 1,100 synonyms and antonyms and 13,000 example sentences.
  • Words like 'google, 'microblogging, 'youth club', 'WalkmanTM, 'webcam', and many more have been taken from current usage of English.
  • The English base of the dictionary, taken from the Oxford Essential Dictionary, has been adapted for Indian readers.
  • To make the dictionary more user-friendly detailed definitions and one-word equivalents in Punjabi have been included for words that needed to be explained further for example, 'cafeteria', 'calendar', 'microscope' and 'the World Wide Web'.
  • Words like 'alarm clock, 'call centre', and 'shopping centre', which do not have equivalent Punjabi words, have been explained by detailed definitions.
  • Many words such as 'computer', 'multiplex' and 'software' have been written out in Punjabi to show that such words have now been included in the language.
  • The Punjabi translation is simple and reflects the current usage of the language.
  • A pronunciation guide using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is given for help in pronunciation.

This dictionary contains more than 24,000 entries, related phrases, idioms, derivatives and words with irregular forms, and more than 200 illustrations. Like our other Bilingual Dictionaries, this has been specially compiled for learners of English, teachers, translators and general readers.