The Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction [#552]
The Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction [#552]


  • Introduces the contentious and challenging field of philosophy of religion in clear, accesible prose
  • Examines the nature of religious language, and how this influences understandings of religious texts and beliefs
  • Discusses the concept of God, providing an overview of the most influential arguments for the existence of God
  • Explores the relationship between faith and reason, and considers what role reason should play in religious contexts

What is the philosophy of religion? How can we distinguish it from theology on the one hand and the psychology/sociology of religious belief on the other? What does it mean to describe God as 'eternal'? And should religious people want there to be good arguments for the existence of God, or is religious belief only authentic in the absence of these good arguments?

In this Very Short Introduction Tim Bayne introduces the field of philosophy of religion, and engages with some of the most burning questions that philosophers discuss. Considering how 'religion' should be defined, and whether we even need to be able to define it in order to engage in the philosophy of religion, he goes on to discuss whether the existence of God matters. Exploring the problem of evil, Bayne also debates the connection between faith and reason, and the related question of what role reason should play in religious contexts. Shedding light on the relationship between science and religion, Bayne finishes by considering the topics of reincarnation and the afterlife.


1: What is the philosophy of religion?
2: The concept of God
3: Arguments for God's existence
4: Faith and silence
5: The problem of evil
6: The roots of religion
7: Speaking of God
8: The Afterlife
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Tim Bayne, Professor of Philosophy, Monash University
Tim Bayne is Professor of Philosophy at Monash University (Melbourne), having taught previously at Macquarie University, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Manchester and the University of Oxford. He has published widely in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of religion, and is the author of The Unity of Consciousness (OUP, 2010) and Thought: A Very Short Introduction (OUP, 2013).

"A lively but brief survey of the major elements of religious philosophy, laying out short but understandable paragraph-length explanations of various arguments, and then the competing counterarguments. [Bayne] wisely draws no conclusions, and instead creates a foundation for further exploration, which is ultimately the goal of the many different titles in the Very Short Introduction series." - Kevin Folkman, The Association for Mormon Letters

"A great thought-provoking book. Recommended." - Frost Magazine

"This lucid, rigorously argued book will gratify religious believers on one page only to unsettle them on the next, a sign of its admirable even-handedness." - Terry Eagleton, Distinguished Visiting Professor in English, University of Lancaster


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Tim Bayne
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The Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction [#552]

The Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction [#552]

The Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction [#552]