Social Work Treatment: Interlocking Theoretical Approaches (6th edition)

Francis J. Turner

First published in 1974, Social Work Treatment remains the most popular and trusted compendium of theories available to social work students and practitioners. It explores the full range of theoretical approaches that drive social work treatment and knowledge development, from psychoanalysis to crisis intervention. A treasure trove of practice knowledge, the text equips professionals with a broad array of theoretical approaches, each of which shine a spotlight on a different aspect of the human condition. Emphasizing the importance of a broad-based theoretical approach to practice, it helps readers avoid the pitfalls of becoming overly identified with a narrow focus that limits their understanding of clients and their contexts. This sweeping overview of the field untangles the increasingly complex problems, ideologies, and value sets that define contemporary social work practice. The result is an essential A-to-Z reference that charts the full range of theoretical approaches available to social workers, regardless of their setting or specialty.


1. Attachment Theory and Social Work Treatment
Timothy Page
2. Brain Plasticity: An Emerging Therapeutic Technique for Social Work
Dan Andreae
3. Chaos Theory and Social Work Treatment
Sandra Loucks Campbell
4. Client-Centered Theory and the Person-Centered Approach: Values-Based Evidence-Supported
William S. Rowe
5. Cognitive Behavior Theory and Social Work Treatment
Ray J. Thomlison and Barbara Thomlison
6. Cognitive Theory and Social Work Treatment
Pranab Chatterjee and Suzanne Brown
7. Constructivism: A Conceptual Framework for Social Work Treatment
Donald E. Carpenter and Keith Brownlee
8. Crisis Theory and Social Work Practice
Diane Mirabito
9. Ecopsychology: Adding Eco to the Biopsychosocialspiritual perpespctive
David Derezotes
10. Empowerment Approach to Social Work Treatment
Judith A.B. Lee and Dr. Rhonda E. Hudson
11. Existential Social Work
Donald Krill
12. Feminist Theory and Social Work Practice
Eveline Milliken
13. The Four Forces: An Inclusive Model
Au-Deane Shepherd Cowley
14. Functional Theory and Social Work Practice
Katherine M. Dunlap
15. General Systems Theory: Evolution and Application
Nancy Riedel Bowers and Anna Bowers
16. Gestalt Theory and Social Work Treatment
Elaine P. Congress
17. Hope Theory and and Social Work Treatment
Alexander T. Polgar
18. Hypnosis and Clinical Social Work Practice
Elayne Tanner
19. Life Model of Social Work Practice: An overview
Alex Gitterman
20. Meditation and Social Work Practice
Thomas Keefe
21. Mindfulness and Social Work
Kirstin Bindseil and Kate Kitchen
22. Narrative Theory and Social Work Treatment
Patricia Kelley and Mark Smith
23. Neurolinguistic Programming Theory and Social Work Treatment
Brent Angell
24. Oppression Theory and Social Work Treatment
Susan P. Robbins
25 Problem-Solving and Social Work
Michael L. Shier
26. Psychoanalytic System of Ideas
Elizabeth Ann Danto
27. The Psychosocial Framework of Social Work Practice
Emilia E. Martinez-Brawley and Paz M B Zorita
28. Relational Social Work: A Contemporary Psychosocial Perspective on Practice
Carol Tosone and Caroline Rosenthal Gelman
29. Relational Theory and Social Work Treatment
Dennis Miehls
30. Resilience Theory
Robbie Gilligan
31. Role Theory and Concepts Applied to Personal and Social Change in Social Work Treatment
Dennis Kimberley and Louise Osmond
32. Social Learning Theory and Social Work Treatment
Bruce A. Thyer
33. Social Networks and Social Work Practice
Elizabeth M. Tracy and Suzanne Brown
34. Social Work Practice in the Time of Neuroscience
Robert J. MacFadden
35. Socially Costructing Social Work
Dan Wulff
36. Solution-Focused Theory
Mo Yee Lee
37. Task-Centered Social Work
Anne E. Fortune and William J. Reid
38. Trauma Informed Social Work Treatment and Complex Trauma
Dennis Kimberley and Ruth Parsons
39. Emerging Theories
Emilia E. Martinez-Brawley


Francis J. Turner, DSW, MSW, LDD, is Professor Emeritus, School of Social work, Wilfrid Laurier University and Senior Scholar, York University.