The Jewish War
The Jewish War
  • A new translation of Josephus' Jewish War, whose history is without parallel in the surviving documents of the Roman Empire
  • Introduction and notes by an acknowledged authority on Roman and Jewish history Martin Goodman
  • Martin Hammond's translation gives a vivid sense of the energy, variety, and literary skill of Josephus' great work
  • Full maps and plans to clarify the regions and places mentioned in the text
  • Comprehensive analytical index

I am Josephus...I myself fought against the Romans' 

In August of AD 70 the city of Jerusalem was destroyed by Roman forces after a six-month siege. This was the disastrous outcome of a Jewish revolt against Roman domination which began in AD 66 with some early success, but soon became mired in factional conflict. The war ended in the destruction of the famous Jewish Temple (rebuilt by Herod the Great a century before). 

The remarkable story of the war is narrated by an eye-witness and participant, Josephus. He was at first a rebel commander, then after his capture, supported Titus in the final assault on Jerusalem. Josephus spares no detail of a horrific conflict - atrocities on both sides, the reign of terror in Jerusalem, the appalling conditions of the siege, and the final mass suicide at Masada. His vivid narrative is our prime source for this period of history. It is a dramatic story, with resonances to the present day.


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The Jewish Wars


Martin Hammond, Retired Headmaster of Tonbridge School, and Edited by Martin Goodman, President, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Martin Hammond retired as the Headmaster of Tonbridge School in 2005. He has previously translated Arrian's Alexander the Great (2013) and Thucydides' The Peloponnesian War (2009) for Oxford World's Classics, as well as Homer's Iliad (Penguin, 1987) and Odyssey (Bloomsbury, 2014). His translation of Procopius' The Secret Historyfor Oxford World's Classics is forthcoming.
Martin Goodman is President of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and Reader in Jewish Studies at the University of Oxford. He has edited a number of books including Rabbinic Texts and the History of Late-Roman Palestine (BA/OUP, 2011), The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies (OUP, 2002), and Representations of Empire: Rome and the Mediterranean World (BA/OUP, 2002). His authored books include Rome and Jerusalem: the clash of ancient civilizations (Allen Lane, 2007) and Judaism in the Roman World: Collected Studies (Brill, 2007)

"This paperback is now the best choice for anyone who wishes to read through the most impactful text of western antiquity, outside the Bible, in English... This accessible Josephus will both satisfy and stimulate the considerable interest in this author." - Steve Mason, Expository Times

"Hammond's fluent, colloquial translation does considerable justice to Josephus' fastpaced, scandal-filled narrative... This new translation brings the modern reader closer to Josephus and equips us to understand him." - The Tablet

"The great strength of this excellent addition to the Oxford World's Classics series lies in the way that a flowing translation is supported by an introduction, copious notes, maps and a first class expanded index, which enable the readers to find their way through a maze of similar sounding individual, family and place names." - Classics for All


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The Jewish War

The Jewish War

The Jewish War