Dominoes | Graded Readers


Dominoes5 levels – Elementary to Intermediate

Full-color fiction and non-fiction Readers graded to the Bookworms syllabus with integrated language activities, projects, and contextualized grammar work.

  • Choose from over 100 books across a variety of genres.
  • On-page glossaries, illustrations, and dramatized audio with native-speaker actors support students’ reading.
  • Activities, grammar work and personalized projects in every book develop language and critical-thinking skills.
  • Quick Starters – the same headwords as Starter but with shorter texts for first-time readers.

Choosing the level

Students are reading at the right level when:

  • There are no more than one or two unknown words per page.
  • They can read eight to ten lines per minute.
  • The understand most of what they are reading.

*View pages and listen to audio by clicking the icons when you mouse over the book covers below.

B1 3.5 - 4.5 Pre-2
A2 3.0 2
1.0 - 2.0
3 - 4 - 5
Levels Headwords Price Sample pages and audio
Level 3

Headwords: 1,000

Average word count: 13,000

reader ¥810

audio pack ¥1,300

Level 2

Headwords: 700

Average word count: 9,000

reader ¥810

audio pack ¥1,300

Level 1

Headwords: 400

Average word count: 5,000

reader ¥810

audio pack ¥1,300

Quick Starter

Headwords: 250

Average word count
(Starter): 2,250

Average word count
(Quick Starter): 1,125

reader ¥810

audio pack ¥1,300

*This chart is a guide only.

*Recommended retail price before tax. Subject to change without prior notice.