Winners of the 2016 Big Read Competition

Thank you to all students, teachers and institutions for participating in the Oxford Big Read this year. We received a large number of fantastic entries and our judges had a difficult time choosing the winners.

We are pleased to announce the National Prize, Best of the New Prize, and Kinokuniya Prize winners for the 2016 Oxford Big Read! We also selected several honarable mentions which you can view below.

National Prize Winners

Hokkaido / Tohoku Region


  • Student:Amiri Takae
  • Teacher:Yutaka Akita
  • School:Hokkaido Takikawa Nishi High School
  • Title:Love or Money
Kanto Region


  • Student:Mari Furukawa
  • Teacher:Miho Uetake
  • School:Tokiwamatsu Gakuen High School
  • Title:The Piano
Chubu Region


  • Student:Shota Saito
  • Teacher:Yayoi Iida
  • School:Aichi Kenritsu Nakamura High School
  • Title:Pirate Treasure
Kansai Region


  • Student:Shoichiro Mori
  • Teacher:Toyoshi Hatta / Yuri Akamatsu
  • School:Konan Boys' Junior High School
  • Title:Superdog
Chugoku / Shikoku / Kyushu / Okinawa Region


  • Student:Chinami Otani
  • Teacher:Rene Bouchard
  • School:Keiai Junior High School
  • Title:Anne of Green Gables

Best of the New Prize

  • Student:Akiko Sekiwa
  • Teacher:Harumi Ota
  • School:Nihon University, College of Law
  • Title:Football Forever

Kinokuniya Prize

  • Keiko Koba
  • Title:Holiday in Japan

Honorable Mentions

We received several wonderfully illustrated and written items from students all over Japan. Unfortunately we were unable to give prizes to all students. However, we would like to acknowledge some of the top items we received with an honorable mention. (Click each image to enlarge.)