The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism

ISBN : 9780199778362

Terryl L. Givens; Philip L. Barlow
680 ページ
182 x 250 mm
Oxford Handbooks in Religion and Theology

Mormon studies is one of the fastest-growing subfields in religious studies. For this volume, Terryl Givens and Philip Barlow, two leading scholars of Mormonism, have brought together 45 of the top scholars in the field to construct a collection of essays that offers a comprehensive overview of scholarship on Mormons. The book begins with a section on Mormon history, perhaps the most well-developed area of Mormon studies. Chapters in this section deal with questions ranging from how Mormon history is studied in the university to the role women have played throughout Mormon history. Other sections examine revelation and scripture, church structure and practice, theology, society, and culture. The final two sections look at Mormonism in a larger context. The authors examine Mormon expansion across the globe-focusing on Mormonism in Latin America, the Pacific, Europe, and Asia-in addition to the interaction between Mormonism and other social systems, such as law, politics, and other faiths. Bringing together an unprecedented body of scholarship in the field of Mormon studies, The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism will be an invaluable resource for those within the field, as well as for people studying the broader, ever-changing American religious landscape.


Introduction: Terryl Givens and Philip Barlow I. History of Mormonism 1. An Interpretive Framework for Studying the History of Mormonism - Jan Shipps 2. Emergent Mormonism in Context - Daniel Walker Howe 3. The Mormon Church in Utah - W. Paul Reeve 4 The Modern Mormon Church - Matthew J. Grow 5. Women in Mormonism - Claudia L. Bushman 6. Understanding Multiple Mormonisms - William D. Russell 7. Mormon Studies as an Academic Discipline- David J. Whittaker II. Revelation and Scripture 8. Joseph Smith and His Visions - Richard L. Bushman 9. Mormons and the Bible - Laurie Maffly-Kipp 10. The Book of Mormon - Grant Hardy 11. Revelation and the Open Canon in Mormonism - David F. Holland III. Ecclesiastical Structure and Praxis 12. Mormon Priesthood and Organization - Gregory A. Prince 13. Mormon Mission Work - Reid L. Neilson 14. The Mormon Temple and Mormon Ritual - James E. Falconer 15. Lived Religion among Mormons - Tona J. Hangen IV. Mormon Thought 16. Mind and Spirit in Mormon Thought - Philip L. Barlow 17. The Nature of God in Mormon Thought - David L. Paulsen & Hal R. Boyd 18. Christ, Atonement, and Human Possibilities in Mormon Thought - Terryl L. Givens 19. The Problem of Evil in Mormon Thought - James M. McLaughlan 20. Embodiment and Sexuality in Mormon Thought - Samuel Morris Brown & Kate Holbrook V. Mormon Society 21. The Social Composition of Mormonism - Tim B. Heaton & Cardell K. Jacobson 22. Celestial Marriage (Eternal and Plural) - Kathryn M. Daynes 23. Mormon Doctrine on Gender - Valerie M. Hudson 24. Mormons and Race - Margaret Blair Young & Darius Aidan Gray 25. Authority and Dissent in Mormonism - Armand L. Mauss 26. Mormonism and Media - John Durham Peters VI Mormon Culture 27. Geography and Mormon Identity - Richard V. Francaviglia 28. Mormon Popular Culture - Jana Riess 29. Mormon Folk Culture - Eric A. Eliason 30. Mormon Visual Arts - Paul L. Anderson 31. Mormon Letters - Michael Austin 32. Music and Heaven in Mormon Thought - Michael D. Hicks VII. The International Church 33. Mormons in Latin America - Mark L. Grover 34. Mormons in The Pacific - R. Lanier Britsch 35. Mormons in Europe - Wilfried Decoo 36. Mormons in Asia - Van C. Gessel VIII Mormonism in the World Community 37. Communitarianism and Consecration in Mormonism - J. Spencer Fluhman 38. Mormons and the Law - Sarah Barringer Gordon 39. Mormonism in the American Political Domain - Noah R. Feldman 40. Mormons and Interfaith Relations - Richard J. Mouw 41. Mormons and Muslims- Daniel Peterson Index


Terryl Givens is James A. Bostwick Professor of English at the University of Richmond.; Philip L. Barlow is the Leonard Arrington Professor of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University.