The Oxford Handbook of Arabic Linguistics

ISBN : 9780199764136

Jonathan Owens
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181 x 253 mm
Oxford Handbooks in Linguistics

Until about 60 years ago, linguistic research on the Arabic language in the West was restricted to inquiries on Classical Arabic and the Classical tradition, and spoken Arabic dialects, with historical studies embedded within the broader field of Semitic languages. This situation is changing quickly, not only through the continuation of older research traditions, but also with the integration of new research fields and perspectives. With this expansion comes the danger of specialists in Arabic losing an overview of the field, and of leaving non-specialists without basic resources for evaluating domains of research which they may be interested in for comparative purposes. The Oxford Handbook of Arabic Linguistics will confront this problem by combining state-of-the-art overviews with essays on issues of perspective, controversy, and point of view. In twenty-four chapters, leading experts from around the world will lay out their own stances on controversial issues. The book not only evaluates ways in which questions and theories established in general linguistics and its sub-fields elucidate Arabic, but also challenges approaches which might result in accommodating Arabic to "non-Arabic" interpretations, and brings out the Arabic specificity of individual problems. The Handbook, in one compact volume, gives critical expression to a language which covers large populations and geographical areas, has a long written tradition, and has been the locus of major intellectual fervor and debate.


1. A house of sound structure, of marvelous form and proportion: An Introduction
Jonathan Owens
2. Phonetics
Mohamed Embarki
3. Phonology
Sam Hellmuth
4. Morphology
Robert Ratcliffe
5. Arabic Linguistic Tradition I: NaHw and Sarf
Ramzi Baalbaki
6. The Syntax of Arabic from a Generative Perspective
Elabbas Benmamoun and Lina Choueiri
7. The Philological Approach to Arabic Grammar
Lutz Edzard
8. The Arabic Linguistic Tradition II: Beyond Grammar
Pierre Larcher
9. Issues in Arabic Computational Linguistics
Everhard Ditters
10. Sociolinguistics
Enam Al-Wer
11. Arabic Folk Linguistics: Between Mother-tongue and Native Language
Yasir Suleiman
12. Orality, Culture and Language
Clive Holes
13. Dialects and Dialectology
Peter Behnstedt and Manfred Woidich,
14. Codeswitching and Codemixing Involving Arabic
Abdelali Bentahila, Eirlys Davies, and Jonathan Owens
15. Borrowing
Maarten Kossmann
16. Psycholinguistics
Sami Boudelaa
17. Arabic Second Language Acquisition
Karin Ryding
18. The Arabic Writing System
Peter Daniels
19. What is Arabic?
Jan Retso
20. History
Jonathan Owens
21. The Arabic Literary Language: The NahDa (and Beyond)
Daniel Newman
22. Creoles and Pidgins
Mauro Tosco and Stefano Manfredi
23. Lexicography in the Classical Era
Solomon Sara, Georgetown University
24. Modern Lexicography
Tim Buckwalter and Dilworth Parkinson


Jonathan Owens is Professor of Arabic Linguistics at the University of Bayreuth