After Jonathan Edwards: The Courses of the New England Theology

ISBN : 9780199756308

Oliver D. Crisp; Douglas A. Sweeney
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164 x 235 mm

In recent years there has been a flowering of interest in the work of Jonathan Edwards. In the last decade this has been encouraged by the publication of many previously unavailable manuscripts, in the Yale edition of Edwards' works. In the same period there has been some interest in the New England theology inspired by Edwards' work, which dominated much of American theology in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. However, the interest in New England Theology has been much less pronounced than that expressed in the work of Edwards. This is strange given the influence of New England Theology and the ways in which the theologians of this movement developed and expressed broadly Edwardsian themes. After Jonathan Edwards offers a reassessment of the New England Theology in light of the work of Jonathan Edwards. Scholars who have made important contributions to our understanding of Edwards are brought together with scholars of New England theology and early American history to produce a groundbreaking examination of the ways in which New England Theology flourished, how themes in Edwards' thought were taken up and changed by representatives of the school, and its lasting influence on the shape of American Christianity.


List of Contributors
Introduction - Oliver D. Crisp and Douglas A. Sweeney
Part One: New Light in the New World
Chapter One: Jonathan Edwards, The New Divinity, and Cosmopolitan Calvinism - Mark Valeri
Chapter Two: Jonathan Edwards on Education and his Educational Legacy - Kenneth P. Minkema
Chapter Three: After Edwards: Original Sin and Freedom of the Will - Allen Guelzo
Chapter Four: We Can If We Will: Regeneration and Benevolence - James P. Byrd
Chapter Five: The Moral Government of God: Jonathan Edwards and Joseph Bellamy on the Atonement - Oliver Crisp
Chapter Six: A Different Kind of Calvinism?: Edwardseanism Compared with Older Forms of Reformed Thought - Paul Helm
Part Two: Carrying the Torch
Chapter Seven: Samuel Hopkins and Hopkinsianism - Peter Jauhiainen
Chapter Eight: Nathanael Emmons and the Decline of Edwardsean Theology - Gerald R. McDermott
Chapter Nine: Edwards in the Second Great Awakening: The New Divinity Contributions of Edwards Dorr Griffin and Asahel Nettleton - David W. Kling
Chapter Ten: Taylorites and Tylerites - Douglas A. Sweeney
Chapter Eleven: Edwards Amasa Park: The Last Edwardsean - Charles Phillips
Part Three: Edwardsean Light Refracted
Chapter Twelve: The New England Theology in New England Congregationalism - Charles Hambrick-Stowe
Chapter Thirteen: Jonathan Edwards, Edwardsean Theologies, and the Presbyterians - Mark Noll
Chapter Fourteen: Great Admirers of the Transatlantic Divinity: Some Chapters in the Story of Baptist Edwardseanism - Michael A. G. Haykin
Chapter Fifteen: "A German Professor Dropping into the American Forests": British, French, and German Views of Jonathan Edwards, 1758-1957 - Michael J. McClymond
Chapter Sixteen: An Edwardsean Lost and Found: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards in Asia - Anri Morimoto
Chapter Seventeen: Before the Young, Restless, and Reformed: Edwards's Appeal to Post World War II Evangelicals - D. G. Hart
Postscript - Douglas A. Sweeney and Oliver D. Crisp


Oliver D. Crisp is Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Douglas A. Sweeney is Professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought and Director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.