The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace

ISBN : 9780199747580

John Paul Lederach
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156 x 234 mm

John Paul Lederach's work in the field of conciliation and mediation is internationally recognized. As founding Director of the Conflict Transformation Program and Institute of Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, he has provided consultation and direct mediation in a range of situations from the Miskito/Sandinista conflict in Nicaragua to Somalia, Northern Ireland, the Basque Country, and the Philippines. His influential 1997 book Building Peace has become a classic in the discipline. This book represents his thinking and learning over the past several years. He explores the evolution of his understanding of peacebuilding by reflecting on his own experiences in the field. Peacebuilding, in his view, is both a learned skill and an art. Finding this art, he says, requires a worldview shift. Conflict professionals must envision their work as a creative act - an exercise of what Lederach terms the "moral imagination."


1. On Stating the Problem and Thesis
2. On Touching the Moral Imagination: Four Stories
3. On This Moment: Turning Points
4. On Simplicity and Complexity: Finding the Essence of Peacebuilding
5. On Peace Accords: Image of a Line in Time
6. On the Gift of Pessimism: Insights from the Geographies of Violence
7. On Aesthetuics: The Art of Social Change
8. On Space: Life in the Web
9. On Mass and Movement: The Theory of the Critical Yeast
10. On Web Watching: Finding the Soul of Place
11. On Serendipity: The Gift of Accidental Sagacity
12. On Time: The Past That Lies before Us
13. On Pied Pipers: Imagination and Creativity
14. On Vocation: The Mystery of Risk
15. On Conclusions: The Imperative of the Moral Imagination


John Paul Lederach is one of the world's foremost experts on peacebuilding and reconciliation. He is Professor of International Peacebuilding at the Joan B. Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame and Distinguished Scholar at Eastern Mennonite University's Conflict Transformation Program. Among his many books are The Journey Toward Reconciliation (1999) and Building Peace: Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies (1997).