The Oxford Handbook of Latin American Political Economy

ISBN : 9780199747504

Javier Santiso; Jeff Dayton-Johnson
648 ページ
182 x 254 mm
Oxford Handbooks in Economics

Latin America's recent development performance calls for a multidisciplinary analytical tool kit. This handbook accordingly adopts a political-economy perspective to understand Latin American economies. This perspective is not new to the region; indeed, this volume consciously follows the approach pioneered by political economist Albert O. Hirschman a half century ago. But the nature of the political and economic processes at work in Latin America has changed dramatically since Hirschman's critical contribution. Military dictatorships have given way to an uneven democratic consolidation; agricultural or primary-product producers have transformed into middle-income, diversified economies, some of which are leading examples of emerging markets. So, too, the tools of political-economy have developed by leaps and bounds. It is therefore worthwhile to take stock of, and considerably extend, the explosion of recent scholarship on the two-way interaction between political processes and economic performance. A unique feature of the book is that it begins with a group of chapters written by high-level academic experts on Latin American economics and policies who also happen to be current or past economic policy makers in the region, including Fernando Henrique Cardoso (former president of Brazil), Andres Velasco (former Chilean finance minister), Luis Carranza (former Peruvian finance minister), Martin Redrado (former governor of the Argentina central bank) and Luciano Coutinho (president of Brazil's national development bank). These contributors draw upon their academic expertise to understand their experience in the trenches of policy making.


0 Introduction - Javier Santiso and Jeff Dayton-Johnson: Introduction and Overview
I The View From The Inside: Practitioners Reflect On Making Reform Happen
1. Political Leadership and Economic Reform: The Brazilian Experience in the Context of Latin America (1-51)
Fernando Henrique Cardoso with Eduardo Graeff
2. Politics of Fiscal Reforms in Peru (52-94)
Luis Carranza
3. The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy: the Experience of Chile (95-133)
Andres Velasco and Eric Parrado
4. Industrial Policy and Economic Transformation (134 - 188)
Luciano Coutinho, Joao Carlos Ferraz, Andre Nassif and Rafael Oliva
5. Monetary Policy under Uncertainty (189 - 207)
Martin Redrado
II The Politics of Economics: Historical, Geographic and Institutional Perspectives
6. A Historical Perspective on the Political Economy of Inequality in Latin America (208 - 236)
Rosemary Thorp
7. Achievements and Shortcomings of Cuba's Economic Policies, 1990-2010 (237 - 268)
Paolo Spadoni
8. Global and Regional Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean (1990-2010) (269 - 298)
Juan Blyde, Antoni Estevadeordal and Mauricio Mesquita Moreira
9. Does Asia Matter? The Political Economy of Latin America's International Relations (299 - 332)
Barbara Stallings
10. A Catalyst for Hope: China's Opportunity for Latin America (333 - 363)
Kevin P. Gallagher
III The Politics of Economics and the Economics of Politics
11. How (Not) to Produce Effective Policies? Institutions and Policymaking in Latin America (364 - 391)
Mariano Tommasi and Carlos Scartascini
12. The Politics of Global Financial Markets in Latin America (392 - 424)
Daniela Campello
13. Cabinet Stability and Policymaking in Latin America (425 - 458)
Cecilia Martinez Gallardo and Maria Victoria Murillo
14. International Capital Markets and their Latin American Discontents (459 - 492)
Christopher Balding
15. Natural Resources and Democracy in Latin America: Neither Curse Nor Blessing (493 - 512)
Stephen Haber and Victor Menaldo
16. Contrasting Capitalisms: Latin America in Comparative Perspective (513- 549)
Ben Ross Schneider
17. Ulysses and the Sirens: Political and technical rationality in Latin America (550 - 609)
Laurence Whitehead and Javier Santiso
IV Political Economy of Fiscal and Social Policies.
18. Killing Me Softly: Local Termites and Fiscal Violence in Brazil and Mexico ( 610 - 669)
Carlos Elizondo and Javier Santiso
19. The political economy of public spending and fiscal deficits: lessons for Latin America (670 - 711)
Marcela Eslava
20. Taxation and Democracy in Latin America (712- 737)
Christian Daude and Angel Melguizo
21. Revisiting Political Budget Cycles in Latin America (738 - 765)
Sebastian Nieto Parra and Javier Santiso
22. Labor Market in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Missing Reform (766 - 795)
Alejandro Micco and Pablo Egana


Javier Santiso is Director and Chief Economist at the OECD Development Centre. Jeff Dayton-Johnson is Head of the Americas Desk at the OECD Development Centre.