The Oxford Handbook of Food Fermentations

ISBN : 9780199742707

Charles W. Bamforth; Robert E. Ward
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Fermentation, as a chemical and biological process, is everywhere. Countless societies throughout history have used it to form a vast array of foods and drinks, many of which were integral and essential to those cultures; it could be argued that the production of beer and bread formed the basis of many agriculture-based civilizations. Today, nearly every person on the planet consumes fermented products, from beer and wine, to bread and dairy products, to certain types of meat and fish. Fermentation is a nearly ubiquitous process in today's food science, and an aspect of chemistry truly worth understanding more fully. In The Oxford Handbook of Food Fermentations, Charles W. Bamforth and Robert E. Ward have collected and edited contributions from many of the world's experts on food fermentation, each focused on a different fermentation product. The volume contains authoritative accounts on fermented beverages, distilled beverages, and a diverse set of foods, as well as chapters on relevant biotechnology. Each chapter embraces the nature of the product, its production, and its final composition. The text also touches on the raw materials and processes involved in producing packaged foodstuff, and the likely future trends in each area. In the conclusion, Bamforth and Ward present a comparison between the various products and the diverse technologies employed to produce them. Fermentation is a multifaceted process that affects a wide variety of products we consume, and The Oxford Handbook of Food Fermentations is the definitive resource that captures the science behind fermentation, as well as its diverse applications.


The editors
Fermented beverages
Chapter 1: Beer
Tom Shellhammer
Chapter 2: Wine
David Jeffery and Kerry Wilkinson
Chapter 3: Cider and Perry
Distilled fermented beverages
Chapter 4: Whisky
Frances Jack
Chapter 5: Brandy/Cognac/Armagnac
N.V. Bougas, P. van Rensburg, C.L.C. Snyman & M.G. Lambrechts
Chapter 6: Rum
L Fahrasmane
Chapter 7: Liqueurs
M.L. Gonzalez-Sanjose
Foods and other beverages
Chapter 8: Vinegar
Maria Plessi and Giulia Papotti
Chapter 9: Other dairy products-yogurt, kiefer, koumiss
Nagendra Shah
Chapter 10: Vegetables
BJB Wood
Chapter 11: Breads and other baked goods
Zannini E., Moroni A., Belz M., Faltermaier A., and Arendt K. E.
Chapter 12: Meat
FK Lucke
Chapter 13: Fish
Jirawat Yongsawatdigul, Dong-Soo Kim, Somjintana Tungkawachara and Jae W. Park
Chapter 14: Asian Foods-natto, fish sauce, tofu, kimchi
R Nout, Bei-Zhong Han and Cherl-Ho Lee
Chapter 15: Cocoa
Rosane Freitas Schwan and Disney Ribeiro Dias
Chapter 16: Tea
P Owuor
Chapter 17: Coffee
Rosane Freitas Schwan, Cristina Ferreira Silva and Luis Roberto Batista
Chapter 18: Fermentations to produce flavors and other components for use in foods
R. Ward
Chapter 19: Microbial biomass protein
Mauricio Mora-Pale, Mariano Garcia-Garibay and Eduardo Barzana
1. Other fermented beverages CW Bamforth
2. Other distilled beverages CW Bamforth
3. Cheese CW Bamforth


Charles W. Bamforth is the Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences at the University of California, Davis. He is the author of Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing (3rd edition: Oxford University Press, 2009). Robert E. Ward is Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences at Utah State University.