EU Energy Law and Policy: A Critical Account

ISBN : 9780199686391

Kim Talus
352 ページ
161 x 241 mm

A critical overview of European Union energy law and policy, this book takes a law-in-context approach as it examines the development of EU energy law from the 1950s to the present day. It discusses the development of EU energy law; the application of general EU law into energy; the regulation of EU energy markets; international aspects of EU energy law; and policy, sustainability, and energy regulation. Presenting an up-to-date overview of EU energy law and policy and a critical analysis of its sub-areas, the book extends the discussion from electricity and natural gas markets to other areas of energy, including oil. This holistic approach to the subject is then placed within the broader context of the international geopolitical sphere which EU energy law and policy operates, as the author considers the impact of regional and international energy policies and markets on the EU markets and the overall EU policy. He also draws on the wider context and takes into account non-legal factors such as the impact of unconventionals, the rise of the BRICS, and the 'Arab spring'. The book frames EU energy law as a topic that can provoke intellectual, political, and professional discussion about the slowly moving train of economic regulation under the typical pressures and contradictions of countries and the European Union in the global economy.


1. Introduction: EU Energy Law and the Approach Taken in this Study
2. The Regulatory History of EU Energy: The Evolution of EU Energy Law from 1957 Onwards
3. The Evolution of the Sector-Specific Regulatory Framework
4. Treaty Law and the Energy Sector
5. Environment and Energy: On a Bumpy Road Towards a Clean Energy Future
6. The International Dimension of EU Energy Law and Policy
7. From State to Market and Back: The Changing Role(s) of Markets and States in the EU
8. Conclusion: European Energy Law under the Impact of Globalization: From State to Market, from Plan to Contract, from Public Ownership to Economic Regulation and Beyond


Kim Talus is a Professor of European Law at the University of Eastern Finland and the Director of the LLM programme for international and European energy law and policy. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for OGEL, a leading international energy law journal. His research and other activities focus on European and international energy law and policy and he has authored numerous books and articles in these areas of energy law. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has held teaching roles in Germany, United States, and Australia.