The Mechanisms of Reactions Influencing Atmospheric Ozone

ISBN : 9780190233020

Jack G. Calvert; John J. Orlando; William R. Stockwell; Timothy J. Wallington
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Ozone, an important trace component, is critical to life on Earth and to atmospheric chemistry. The presence of ozone profoundly impacts the physical structure of the atmosphere and meteorology. Ozone is also an important photolytic source for HO radicals, the driving force for most of the chemistry that occurs in the lower atmosphere, is essential to shielding biota, and is the only molecule in the atmosphere that provides protection from UV radiation in the 250-300 nm region. However, recent concerns regarding environmental issues have inspired a need for a greater understanding of ozone, and the effects that it has on the Earth's atmosphere. The Mechanisms of Reactions Influencing Atmospheric Ozone provides an overview of the chemical processes associated with the formation and loss of ozone in the atmosphere, meeting the need for a greater body of knowledge regarding atmospheric chemistry. Renowned atmospheric researcher Jack Calvert and his coauthors discuss the various chemical and physical properties of the earth's atmosphere, the ways in which ozone is formed and destroyed, and the mechanisms of various ozone chemical reactions in the different spheres of the atmosphere. The volume is rich with valuable knowledge and useful descriptions, and will appeal to environmental scientists and engineers alike. A thorough analysis of the processes related to tropospheric ozone, The Mechanisms of Reactions Influencing Atmospheric Ozone is an essential resource for those hoping to combat the continuing and future environmental problems, particularly issues that require a deeper understanding of atmospheric chemistry.


Contents of the Book
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Chapter I. Ozone in the Atmosphere
Chapter II. Mechanisms of Ozone Reactions in the Troposphere
Chapter III. The Oxides of Nitrogen: Their Relation to Tropospheric Ozone
Chapter IV. Tropospheric Reactions of the HO Radicals with Hydrocarbons and Oxygenates
Chapter V. Mechanisms of Reactions of HO2 and RO2 Radicals
Chapter VI. Mechanisms of Reactions of the RO and RC(O)O Radicals
Chapter VII. The Impact of Inorganic Trace Gases on Ozone in the Atmosphere
Chapter VIII. Photochemistry of the Light-Absorbing Oxygenates and Its Influence on Ozone Levels in the Atmosphere
Chapter IX. Chemical Mechanisms for Air Quality Modeling and Their Applications


Jack G. Calvert is an Emeritus Senior Scientist at National Center for Atmospheric Research. John J. Orlando is a Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research Timothy J. Wallington is a Technical Leader in Physical and Environmental Scientists, Ford Motor Company William R. Stockwell is an Editor for Atmospheric Chemistry, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.