Iii-nitride Semiconductors and Their Modern Devices

ISBN : 9780199681723

Bernard Gil
672 ページ
166 x 234 mm
Series on Semiconductor Science and Technology

This book is dedicated to GaN and its alloys AlGaInN (III-V nitrides), semiconductors with intrinsic properties well suited for visible and UV light emission and electronic devices working at high temperature, high frequency, and harsh environments. There has been a rapid growth in the industrial activity relating to GaN, with GaN now ranking at the second position (after Si) among all semiconductors. This is mainly thanks to LEDs, but also to the emergence of lasers and high power and high frequency electronics. GaN-related research activities are also diversifying, ranging from advanced optical sources and single electron devices to physical, chemical, and biological sensors, optical detectors, and energy converters. All recent developments of nitrides and of their technology are gathered here in a single volume, with chapters written by world leaders in the field. This third book of the series edited by B. Gil is complementary to the preceding two, and is expected to offer a modern vision of nitrides and of their devices to a large audience of readers.


1. Development of the nitride-based UV/DUV LEDs
2. The homoepitaxial challenge: GaN crystals grown at high pressure for laser diodes and laser diode arrays
3. Epitaxial growth and benefits of GaN on silicon
4. The growth of bulk aluminum nitride
5. Epitaxial growth of nitride quantum dots
6. Properties of InAlN layers nearly lattice-matched to GaN and their use for photonics and electronics
7. Growth and optical properties of aluminum rich AlGaN heterostructures
8. Optical and structural properties of InGaN light emitters on non- and semipolar GaN
9. GaN-based single-nanowire devices
10. Advanced photonic and nanophotonic devices
11. Nitride-based electron devices for high power / high frequency applications
12. Intersubband transitions in low dimensional nitrides
13. The slow light in gallium nitride
14. Nitride devices and their biofunctionalization for biosensing applications
15. Heterovalent ternary II-IV-N2 compounds: perspectives for a new class of wide-band-gap nitrides
16. Terahertz emission in polaritonic systems with nitrides


Bernard Gil was hired at CNRS in 1982 as an Associate Researcher, before being appointed Director of Research in 1995. He was granted the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Saint Petersburg in July 2012. He is currently directing the Institute of Physics at Montpellier.