Art and the Senses

ISBN : 9780199674978

Francesca Bacci; David Melcher; David
676 ページ
172 x 245 mm

In recent years, there has been a re-discovery of the importance of sensory experience in our daily lives. The senses play a vital role in our health, in our social interactions, and in enjoying food, music and the arts. This book provides an introduction to the study of the senses and the arts. It contains over thirty chapters written by artists/practitioners, including, musicians, visual artists, a "sculptor for the blind", a celebrity chef, a choreographer, designers, and architects. It also includes chapters by leading neuroscientists and psychologists who study the senses, as well as chapters from scholars from the humanities, including, art history, anthropology, and cultural studies. The book provides a unique interdisciplinary overview of the senses, ranging from the neuroscience of sensory processing in the body, to cultural influences on how the senses are used in society, to the role of the senses in the arts. The chapters are written by leading academics, artists and scientists, each of whom brings different perspectives and experiences to the book. Together, these chapters form a timely snapshot of research on the human senses which makes clear a number of common themes that run across the arts, humanities, and sciences. The first book of its kind, 'Art and the Senses' will be a valuable tool for anyone interested in how the senses interact with eachother to create meaningful human experience.


1. Making sense of art, making art of sense
2. The Science and Art of the Sixth Sense
3. The Art of Touch in Early Modern Italy
4. The multisensory perception of touch
5. Aesthetic Touch
6. Art, aesthetics and the senses
7. Sculpture and touch?
8. Touch and the Cinematic Experience
9. Hearing Scents, Tasting Sights: Toward a Cross-Cultural Multi-Modal Theory of Aesthetics
10. The science of taste and smell
11. The Influence of hearing on eating, drinking and perception
12. Thinking Multisensory Culture
13. Sighting Sound: Listening with Eyes Open
14. The sight and sound of music: audio-visual interactions in science and the arts
15. Improvisation in time: The art of jazz- An interview with Greg Osby and Skip Hadden
16. Musical Tension
17. Cause and affect. A functional perspective on music and emotion
18. The Mystery of Representation: a Conversation with Vic Muniz
19. Pictorial cues in art and in visual perception
20. The many dimensions of the third one
21. Film, Narrative, and Cognitive Neuroscience
22. Mirror neurons and art
23. Pictorial art beyond sight: revealing the mind of a blind painter
24. Visual Music in Arts and Minds: Explorations with Synaesthesia
25. Visual Music and Musical Paintings: The quest for synaesthesia in the arts
26. Dance, Choreography and the Brain
27. Neuroaesthetic of performing arts
28. Multi-Sensory Aesthetics in Product Design
29. Architecture and the Body
30. Architecture and the existensial sense
31. Multimodal, interactive media and the illusion of realit


Francesca Bacci, Research Fellow, Center for Mind and Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Italy; David Melcher, Associate Professor, Faculty of Cognitive Sciences, University of Trento, Italy