Revolution and the Republic: A History of Political Thought in France Since the Eighteenth Century

ISBN : 9780199671878

Jeremy Jennings
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Revolution and the Republic provides a new and wide-ranging interpretation of political thought in France from the eighteenth century to the present day. At its heart are the dramatic and violent events associated with the French Revolution of 1789 and the birth of the First Republic in 1792. For the next two centuries, writers in France struggled to make sense of these and subsequent events in French revolutionary history, producing a rich and perceptive analysis of the nature of republican government. But, as Revolution and the Republic shows, these important debates were not limited to the narrow confines of politics and to the writing of constitutions. Such was their significance that they occupied a central place in discussions about religion, science, philosophy, commerce, and the writing of history. They also shaped arguments about the character of France and the French nation as well as polemics about the role of intellectuals in French society. Moreover, they continue to be of importance in France today as the country faces the challenges posed by globalisation, multiculturalism, and the reform of the welfare state. Integrating the perspectives of intellectual history, political theory, social and cultural history, and political economy, Jeremy Jennings has written a study of political ideas that appeals to all those interested in the history of modern France and Europe more generally.


1. Introduction: Revolution and the Republic
2. Rights, Liberty, and Equality
3. Absolutism, Representation, and the Constitution
4. Sovereignty, the Social Contract, and Luxury
5. Commerce, Usurpation, and Democracy
6. Universalism, the Nation, and Defeat
7. History, Revolution, and Terror
8. Religion, Enlightenment, and Reaction
9. Positivism, Science, and Philosophy
10. Insurrection, Utopianism, and Socialism
11. France, Intellectuals, and Engagement
12. Conclusion: Citizenship, Multiculturalism, and Republicanism


Jeremy Jennings previously held posts at the universities of Swansea and Birmingham. In 2006 he was Vincent Wright Professor at the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques in Paris and in 2007 was made a Chevalier in the Ordre des Palmes Academiques for services rendered to French culture. Professor Jennings has published extensively on the history of political thought in France, the role of intellectuals in politics, and the history of socialism. He has recently published articles in the American Political Science Review, the Review of Politics and the Journal of the History of Ideas.