Law and Childhood Studies: Current Legal Issues: Volume 14

ISBN : 9780199652501

Michael D. Freeman
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Current Legal Issues

Current Legal Issues, like its sister volume Current Legal Problems (now available in journal format), is based upon an annual colloquium held at Univesity College London. Each year leading scholars from around the world gather to discuss the relationship between law and another discipline of thought. Each colloquium examines how the external discipline is conceived in legal thought and argument, how the law is pictured in that discipline, and analyses points of controversy in the use, and abuse, of extra-legal arguments within legal theory and practice. Law and Childhood Studies, the fourteenth volume in the Current Legal Issues series, offers an insight into the state of law and childhood studies scholarship today. Focussing on the inter-connections between the two disciplines, it addresses the key issues informing current debates.


1. Introduction
2. A State of Imperfect Transformation: Law, Myth, and the Feminine in Outside Over There, Labyrinth, and Pan's Labyrinth
3. Towards a Sociology of Children's Rights
4. Why Judges Need to Know and Understand Childhood Studies
5. Courts and the Construction of Childhood: A New Way of Thinking
6. Childhood, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and Research: What Constitutes a 'Rights-Based' Approach?
7. Child-Led Organizations and the Advocacy of Adults: Experiences from Bangladesh and Nicaragua
8. Transforming Children's Human Rights - From Universal Claims to National Particularity
9. Modern African Childhoods: Does Law Matter?
10. The Age of Conflict: Rethinking Childhood, Law, and Age through the Israeli-Palestinian Case
11. Children's Participation in Court Proceedings when Parents Divorce or Separate: Legal Construction and Lived Experiences
12. Children's Consent and 'Assent' to Healthcare Research
13. Children and Young People as Moral and Legal Actors: Findings from Studies Conducted in Northern Italy
14. Rights-Based Restorative Justice in Canada: From Silence to Citizen
15. New Zealand Children and Young People's Perspectives on Relocation Following Parental Separation
16. Vulnerability, Children, and the Law
17. 'When the Kissing has to Stop': Children, Sexual Behaviour, and the Criminal Law
18. Tackling Cyber-Bullying from a Children's Rights Perspective
19. Exploring the Contested Role of Mandatory Reporting Laws in the Identification of Severe Child Abuse and Neglect
20. Domestic Violence, Contact, and the ECHR
21. Reframing the Practice of 'Son Preference' through the Millennium Development Goals
22. The Child's Right to Development
23. UNCRC's Performance of the Child As Developing
24. Minding the Gap? Children with Disabilities and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
25. 'Special' Treatment, 'Special' Rights: Children who Hear Voices or Doubly Diminished Initiative
26. The Child's Right to Privacy and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights
27. Foster Care Partnerships in Finland 1990-2010: From Social Task to Ensuring Better Market Share?
28. Parental Discipline, Criminal Laws, and Responsive Regulation
29. Litigating the Child's Rights to a Life Free of Violence: Seeking the Prohibition of Parental Physical Punishment of Children Through the Courts
30. Discipline and the Ethics of Care
31. Caring for Children: Risks and Responsibilities in the Law of Tort


Michael Freeman is Professor of English Law at University College London and is the series editor for Current Legal Issues.