Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Children: A Cross Country Study of Policies and Practice

ISBN : 9780190205294

Marit Skivenes; Ravinder Barn; Katrin Kriz; Tarja Poso
304 ページ
169 x 244 mm

The book examines where, why and to what extent immigrant children are represented in the child welfare system in different countries. These countries include Australia/New Zealand, Belgium/the Netherlands, England, Estonia, Canada, Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway, and the United States-all of them having different child welfare philosophies and systems as well as histories and practices in immigration. By comparing policies and practices in child welfare systems (and welfare states), especially in terms of how they conceptualize and deal with immigrant children and their families, we address an immensely important and pressing issue in modern societies. Immigrants in the child welfare system are a critical issue and they seem to face serious challenges that are evident across countries. These are challenges related to lack of language proficiency, lack of knowledge about cultural and social aspects and about the public systems of the destination country. Perhaps most relevantly, the challenges may include collisions of ideas and beliefs about how to raise children, about children's place in the family and society, and about children's rights.


Chapter 1
Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Families: An Introduction
Part I. Family service oriented child welfare systems within social democratic welfare states
Chapter 2
How the Finnish child protection system meets migrant families and children
Chapter 3
How the Norwegian child welfare system approaches migrant children
Chapter 4
Immigrant Children and Families in the Child Welfare System: The Netherlands
Chapter 5
Immigrant Children and Families in the Child Welfare System in Austria
Part II. Family service oriented child welfare systems within conservative (and Latin) welfare states
Chapter 6
Child Welfare Systems and Immigrant Families: The Case of Spain
Chapter 7
Public services and migrant minors in Italy: A new path for social work
Part III. Child protection oriented child welfare systems within liberal welfare states
Chapter 8
The United States: Child Protection in the Context of Competing Policy Mandates
Chapter 9
Child Welfare Systems and Immigrant Families: Canada
Chapter 10
Child welfare and migrant families and children: A case study of England
Chapter 11
Child protection of migrants in Australia
Chapter 12
Immigrant Children and Families in Estonian Child Protection System
Part IV. Concluding remarks
Migrant Children and Child Welfare: A Contested Challenge
Appendix - Survey method overview


Marit Skivenes is a Faculty of Health and Social work, Bergen University College & Department of Administration and Organization Theory, Bergen University, Norway.; Ravinder Barn is professor of social policy in the Centre for Criminology and Sociology. She was awarded her doctorate in 'Race and Ethnic Relations' in 1989 by the University of Warwick. Ravinder joined Royal Holloway, University of London in 1990 as Lecturer in Applied Social Studies. In 2004, she was awarded a personal chair.; Katrin Kriz is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the College Honors Program at Emmanuel College Boston.; Tarja Poso, professor in Social Work at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere, her research interests have recently focused on child protection.