Character: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology

ISBN : 9780190204600

Christian B. Miller; R. Michael Furr; Angela Knobel; William Fleeson
720 ページ
170 x 237 mm

This collection contains some of the best new work being done on the subject of character from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, and psychology. From creating a virtual reality simulation of the Milgram shock experiments to understanding the virtue of modesty in Muslim societies to defending soldiers' moral responsibility for committing war crimes, these 31 chapters break much new ground and significantly advance our understanding of character. The main topics covered fall under the heading of our beliefs about character, the existence and nature of character traits, character and ethical theory, virtue epistemology, the nature of particular virtues, character development, and challenges to character and virtue from neuroscience and situationism. These papers stem from the work of the Character Project (www.thecharacterproject.com) at Wake Forest University, generously supported by the John Templeton Foundation. This collection is truly unique in featuring the work of many young, up-and-coming voices in their fields with new perspectives to offer. Together their work will significantly shape discussions of character for years to come.


Editors' Introduction
Christian B. Miller, R. Michael Furr, Angela Knobel, William Fleeson
Section 1: Overview of the Study of Character in Philosophy and Psychology
Chapter 1: " Christian B. Miller and Angela Knobel
Chapter 2: " William Fleeson, R. Michael Furr, Eranda Jayawickreme, Erik G. Helzer, Anselma G. Hartley, and Peter Meindl
Section 2: Beliefs about Character
Chapter 3: " Jochen E. Gebauer, Constantine Sedikides, Mark R. Leary, and Jens B. Asendorpf
Chapter 4: " Geoffrey P. Goodwin, Jared Piazza, and Paul Rozin
Section 3: The Existence and Nature of Character
Chapter 5: " Wiebke Bleidorn
Chapter 6: " Taya R. Cohen and A. T. Panter
Chapter 7: " Christian B. Miller
Chapter 8: " Charles Starkey
Section 4: Character and Ethical Theory
Chapter 9: " Rebecca Stangl
Chapter 10: " Bradford Cokelet
Chapter 11: " Linda Zagzebski
Section 5: Virtue Epistemology
Chapter 12: " Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij
Chapter 13: " Nathan L. King
Chapter 14: " John Turri
Section 6: Particular Virtues
Chapter 15: " Mike Austin
Chapter 16: " Angela Knobel
Chapter 17: " Cristian Mihut
Chapter 18: " Angela Lee Duckworth and Eli Tsukayama
Chapter 19: " Sara Konrath
Section 7: Character Development
Chapter 20: " Jessica A. Sommerville
Chapter 21: " Elizabeth A. Boerger and Anthony J. Hoffman
Chapter 22: " Erik E. Noftle
Chapter 23: " Tzvi Novick
Chapter 24: " Ray S. Yeo
Chapter 25: " Elizabeth Cochran
Chapter 26: " Terence Cuneo
Chapter 27: " Elizabeth M. Bucar
Section 8: Challenges to Character and Virtue from Neuroscience and Situationism
Chapter 28: " Daniel McKaughan
Chapter 29: " Matthias R. Mehl, Kathryn L. Bollich, John M. Doris, and Simine Vazire
Chapter 30: " David Gallardo-Pujol, Elizabet Orekhova, Veronica Benet-Martinez, and Mel Slater
Chapter 31: " Matthew Talbert and Jessica Wolfendale


Christian B. Miller is Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University and Director of the Character Project. R. Michael Furr is Professor of Psychology at Wake Forest University and Psychology Co-Director for the Character Project. Angela Knobel is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America and Theology Director of the Character Project. William Fleeson is Professor of Psychology at Wake Forest University and Psychology Co-Director for the Character Project.