Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV, and Sexual Health (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199571666

Nathan Sankar; Richard Pattman; Pauline Handy; Babiker Elawad; David Ashley Price
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109 x 181 mm
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The new edition of this successful handbook provides a balance of evidence-based information on Genitourinary Medicine (GUM), including HIV/AIDS. It provides high quality, digestible clinical detail and also practical information on the ever-increasing medico-legal, ethical, and procedural issues of growing importance when dealing with these complex topics. Designed primarily for the trainee in GUM, it is also a valuable reference and resource for the specialist physician, nurse, and other professionals working in the field of sexual health. The new edition remains relevant to those working in this field and features practical enhanced sections on contraception and genital dermatology written by specialist contributors, and information for general practitioners in order to provide services for STIs. The book consists of three easy-to-follow sections. The first section deals with routine management within GUM; medico-legal and ethical issues, the standard patient, special situations, and routine clinical and laboratory processes that include simple flow chart guidance on common clinical presentations. The second section details GUM conditions in a disease-orientated style, including STIs and also other genitourinary problems that may present. The third section on HIV provides a contemporary epidemiological overview of this infection, basic viral biology and pathogenesis, a disease-orientated description of conditions both directly related and opportunistic, and their management and data on special situations such as pregnancy. Finally guidance on commonly used abbreviations is shown together with a useful resource directory for staff. In essence this handbook provides a wealth of simple and easy to follow information on STIs and the principles of providing a service including administrative and medico-legal issues that are sometimes difficult to locate. This book will be of global use to all those with an interest in sexual health whatever their level of expertise and wherever they may practice.


1. The genitourinary medicine service
2. Ethical and medico-legal issues
3. The standard clinic process and sexual health in primary care
4. Investigations and microscopy
5. Specific genitourinary situations
6. Syphilis
7. Gonorrhoea
8. Chlamydia trachomatis infections
9. Non-chlamydial non-specific genital infection
10. Pelvic inflammatory disease
11. Prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome
12. Epididymitis, orchitis, epididymo-orchitis
13. Sexually acquired reactive arthritis
14. Bacterial vaginosis and anaerobic balanitis
15. Trichomoniasis
16. Genital candidiasis
17. Tropical genital and sexually acquired infections
18. Endemic treponematoses
19. Proctocolitis and enteric sexually acquired infections
20. Urinary tract infection
21. Anogenital herpes
22. Anogenital warts
23. Molluscum contagiosum
24. Sexually acquired viral hepatitis
25. Other viral infections
26. Scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei var hominis)
27. Pediculosis
28. Anogenital dermatoses
29. Cervical neoplasia
30. Vulval pain syndromes
31. Streptococcal and staphylococcal infections
32. Genital anomalies
33. Contraception including contraception in HIV infection and infection reduction
34. Psychological aspects and sexual dysfunction
36. Pathogenesis of HIV infection
37. Staging, classification, and natural history of HIV disease
38. HIV: diagnosis and assessment
39. HIV: primary infection
40. HIV: gastrointestinal disorders
41. HIV: hepatitis virus co-infection
42. HIV: respiratory disorders
43. HIV: neurological disorders
44. HIV: disorders of the eye
45. HIV: pyrexia of unknown origin
46. HIV: endocrine and metabolic disorders
47. HIV: renal disorders
48. HIV: cardiovascular disorders
49. HIV: musculoskeletal disorders
50. HIV: reticuloendothelial disorders
51. HIV: malignancies
52. HIV: management
53. HIV: pregnancy
54. HIV: travel
55. Useful resources


Richard Pattman, Consultant in Genitourinary Medicine, NHS Newcastle and North Tyneside Community Health, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Nathan Sankar, Consultant in Genitourinary Medicine, NHS Newcastle and North Tyneside Community Health, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Babiker Elawad, Consultant in Genitourinary Medicine, NHS Newcastle and North Tyneside Community Health, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; Pauline Handy, Lead Nurse in Genitourinary Medicine, NHS Newcastle and North Tyneside Community Health, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; David Ashley Price, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK