Scottish Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century: Morals, Politics, Art, Religion: Volume I

ISBN : 9780199560677

Aaron Garrett; James A. Harris
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164 x 240 mm
History of Scottish Philosophy

A History of Scottish Philosophy is a series of collaborative studies by expert authors, each volume being devoted to a specific period. Together they provide a comprehensive account of the Scottish philosophical tradition, from the centuries that laid the foundation of the remarkable burst of intellectual fertility known as the Scottish Enlightenment, through the Victorian age and beyond, when it continued to exercise powerful intellectual influence at home and abroad. The books aim to be historically informative, while at the same time serving to renew philosophical interest in the problems with which the Scottish philosophers grappled, and in the solutions they proposed. This new history of Scottish philosophy will include two volumes that focus on the Scottish Enlightenment. In this volume a team of leading experts explore the ideas, intellectual context, and influence of Hutcheson, Hume, Smith, Reid, and many other thinkers, frame old issues in fresh ways, and introduce new topics and questions into debates about the philosophy of this remarkable period. The contributors explore the distinctively Scottish context of this philosophical flourishing, and juxtapose the work of canonical philosophers with contemporaries now very seldom read. The outcome is a broadening-out, and a filling-in of the detail, of the picture of the philosophical scene of Scotland in the eighteenth century. General Editor: Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary


1. The World in which the Scottish Enlightenment Took Shape
2. Francis Hutcheson's Philosophy and the Scottish Enlightenment: Reception, Reputation, and Legacy
3. Moral Philosophy: Practical and Speculative
4. Beauty, Taste, Rhetoric, and Language
5. Hume in and out of Scottish Context
6. Religion and Philosophy
7. Adam Smith: History and Impartiality
8. The Rise of the Human Sciences
9. Barbarism and Republicanism
10. Revolution
11. Thomas Reid and the Common Sense School
12. Postscript: On Writing the History of Scottish Philosophy in the Age of Enlightenment


Aaron Garrett is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Boston University.; James A. Harris is Reader in the History of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.