The Oxford Handbook of Thomas Middleton

ISBN : 9780199559886

Gary Taylor; Trish Thomas Henley
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Oxford Handbooks of Literature

The 37 essays in The Oxford Handbook of Thomas Middleton reinterpret the English Renaissance through the lens of one of its most original, and least understood, geniuses. Shakespeare's younger contemporary and collaborator, Middleton wrote modern comedies, tragedies, tragicomedies, history plays, masques, pageants, pamphlets, and poetry. The largest collection of new Middleton criticism ever assembled, this ambitious Handbook provides a comprehensive, in-depth, cutting-edge reaction to OUP's Collected Works of Thomas Middleton, winner of the 2009 MLA prize for editing, the first complete scholarly text of his voluminous and diverse oeuvre. The Handbook brings together an international, cross-generational team of experts to discuss all these genres through an equally diverse range of critical approaches, from feminism to stylistics, ecocriticism to performance studies, Aristotle to Zizek. Reinterpretations of canonical plays such as The Changeling, Women Beware Women, The Roaring Girl, and A Chaste Maid in Cheapside mingle with explorations of neglected or recently-identified works. Middleton's dramatic use of dance, music, and clothing, Middletonian adaptation, his relationships to the classical world and to continental Europe, his fascinating explorations of sexuality and religion, all receive attention. The collection also provides new essays on modern and postmodern reactions to Middleton, including recent Middleton revivals and films, and living artists' responses to his work-responses that range from the actresses who play Middleton's women to writers in various genres who have been inspired by his artistry. The Handbook establishes an authoritative foundation for the rapidly-expanding growth of interest in this extraordinarily protean, funny, moving, disturbing, and modern writer.


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Unintroduction: Middletonian Dissensus
1. Thomas Middleton's Shelf Life
2. Playing with Space: Making a Public in Middleton's Theatre
3. History . Plays . Genre . Games
4. Middleton's Collaborators in Music and Song
5. Passionate Tunes for Amorous Poems: Middleton's Way with Music
6. Playing with Boys on Middleton's Stage-and Ours
7. Middleton's Historical Imagination
8. Middleton and Dance
9. The Ecology of Passions in A Chaste Maid in Cheapside and The Changeling
10. Middleton and Caroline Theatre
11. 'Time's comic sparks': the Dramaturgy of A Mad World My Masters and Timon of Athens
12. 'My cloak's a stranger
he was made but yesterday': Clothing, Language, and the Construction of Theatre in Middleton
13. 'Old Dad dead?' The Rise of the Neo-Noir 'Heritage' Film, Or, Middleton with a View
14. 'Nimble in damnation, quick in tune': Vice and The Revenger's Tragedy
15. Middletonian Stylistics
16. Tragicomic Men
17. Middleton and Usury
18. Middleton, Plautus, and the Ethics of Comedy
19. 'More lies than true tales': Skepticism in Middleton's Mock Almanacs
20. Staging Muteness in Middleton
21. Middleton's Language Machine
22. Middleton and the Theatre of Emergency
23. Middleton and the Culture of Courtesy
24. Playwright to Playwright: The Changeling
25. Middleton and Spain
26. Demonic Middleton
27. Middleton and Mimetic Desire
28. Thomas Middleton, William Shakespeare, and the Masculine Grotesque
29. Middleton as Poet
30. The Emotions of Tragedy: Middleton or Shakespeare?
31. Giving Revenger's Its Due
32. Middleton's Imagination
33. Middleton and the Continent
34. 'It's a whole different sex!': Women Performing Middleton on the Modern Stage
35. Middleton and Ecological Change
36. 'The Lure of a Taffeta Cloak': Middleton's Sartorial Seduction in Your Five Gallants


Gary Taylor is George Matthew Edgar Professor of English at Florida State University, founder of the History of Text Technologies program there, general editor (with Stanley Wells) of the Oxford edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works, and general editor (with John Lavagnino) of the Oxford edition of Middleton's Collected Works. ; Trish Thomas Henley is an Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Cincinnati. She has published in Exemplaria, Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, and Theatre Journal and is currently finishing a book manuscript, Velvet Women Within: The Boy Actor and the Prostitute on the Early English Stage.