The Oxford Handbook of Job Quality

ISBN : 9780198749790

Chris Warhurst; Chris Mathieu; Rachel E. Dwyer
624 ページ
171 x246 mm
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The aim of this Handbook is to produce an interdisciplinary and international benchmark text for anyone wanting to understand job quality. Job quality matters and has long and continually done so, even if the terminology used to describe it has, and continues, to vary. Debate about the future of work and job quality in the twenty-first century centres on the impact of the new digital technologies of the putative fourth industrial revolution. This debate compounds existing concerns about the restructuring of employment and, importantly, a worrying proliferation of poor-quality jobs, often within the context of neo-liberal political-economic hegemony since the early 1980s or the economic crisis that followed the Global Financial Crisis of the late 2000s. Job quality is offered as a solution to challenges such as health, welfare, productivity, innovation, economic competitiveness, democracy and democratic participation, Bildung/cultivation, societal equality, individual and collective quality of life, and environmental sustainability. As job quality is a key factor in addressing these and the other challenges, it needs to be understood in all its complexity in terms of what it affects as well as what affects it. This Handbook draws together into a single volume: first, an explicit focus on job quality both as a significant factor in and of itself and as producing instrumental effects on a range of other processes and outcomes; second, a catalogue of the diverse range of multiple contributions and applications related to job quality; and third, the complexity and multiple interpretations of the concept of job quality. Each chapter provides distinct responses to the question of why job quality matters, coupled to a contention about for whom or for what job quality matters most. As the chapters with their respective answers and arguments attest, there are a range of ways in which job quality is relevant to an equally broad range of social, economic, and political concerns.


Chris Warhurst, Chris Mathieu, and Rachel E. Dwyer: Job Quality Matters
Section I: The Foundations of Job Quality
1 David Guest: The Quality of Working Life
2 Ian Hampson and Ake Sandberg: The Swedish Contribution to Job Quality
3 Chris Warhurst, Sally Wright, and Chris Mathieu: Job Quality: A Family Affair?
Section II: Understanding Job quality
4 Sven Hauff and Stefan Kirchner: Understanding Differences and Trends in Job Quality: Perspectives from Cross-National Research
5 Angela Knox and Sally Wright: Understanding Job Quality Using Qualitative Research
6 Rafael Munoz de Bustillo, Enrique Fernandez-Macias, and Jose-Ignacio Anton: Quantitative Approaches to Assessing Jobs
7 John Godard: Institutions, Societies, and the Quality of Employment
Section III: Key Issues in Job Quality
8 Maarten Goos, Emilie Rademakers, Anna Salomons, and Marieke Vandeweyer: Job Polarization: Its History, an Intuitive Framework, and Some Empirical Evidence
9 Sally Weller, Tom Barnes, and Nicholas Kimberley: Geographies of Job Quality
10 Maria Albin, Chris Mathieu, Esa-Pekka Takala, and Tores Theorell: The Cornerstone of Job Quality: Occupational Safety and Health
11 Rafael Munoz de Bustillo, Rafael Grande, and Enrique Fernandez-Macias: Innovation and Job Quality
12 Amada Armenta and Shannon Gleeson: Immigration and Job Quality
13 Duncan Gallie: Inequality in Job Quality: Class, Gender, and Contract Type
Section IV: Regional Developments in Job Quality
14 Arne L. Kalleberg, Sylvia Fuller, and Ashley Pullman: Job Quality in the United States and Canada
15 Christine Erhel, Mathilde Guergoat-Lariviere, Janine Leschke, and Andrew Watt: The Great Recession and Job Quality Trends in Europe
16 Sandrine Cazes, Paolo Falco, and Balint Menyhert: Job Quality in Emerging Economies through the Lens of the OECD Job Quality Framework
Section V: Sectoral Developments in Job Quality
17 Mary Gatta: Job Quality in High Touch Services
18 Jeffrey S. Rothstein: The Steady but Uneven Decline in Manufacturing Job Quality
19 Carsten Sauer, Peter Valet, Vincent J. Roscigno, and George Wilson: Neoliberalism's Impact on Public Sector Job Quality: The US and Germany Compared
20 Orly Benjamin: Job Quality for Service and Care Occupations: A Feminist Perspective
21 Chris Baldry: The Changing Quality of Office Work
22 Paul Edwards and Monder Ram: Job quality and the Small Firm
Section VI: Improving job quality
23 Peter Boxall and John Purcell: Human Resource Management and Job Quality
24 Stephen F. Befort, Silvia Borelli, and John W. Budd: Using Efficiency, Equity, and Voice for Defining Job Quality, and Legal Regulation for Achieving It
25 Mel Simms: Trade Unions and Job quality