Practical Psychiatry for Students and Trainees

ISBN : 9780198867135

A. M. O'Dwyer; M. Campion
304 ページ
138 x 216 mm

Are you unsure what to ask in a psychiatric clinical interview and how to ask it? Are you a medical student or trainee doctor that needs a fast hands-on guide to psychiatry? This handbook sets out clinical interviewing skills and clinical tips so you can deliver essential psychiatric care with confidence. Almost all medical graduates will encounter patients with mental health issues in general medical and surgical settings. Practical Psychiatry for Students and Trainees provides the foundational skillset you need for interviewing, assessing, and initially managing a patient with mental health issues. Organised into 19 short chapters, this resource leads you logically from how to interview a patient, to the psychiatric conditions likely to be encountered and their treatments. Packed with practical tips and clinical cases from a variety of medical professionals, this text delivers clear guidance and skills. Written by an experienced psychiatrist and a psychiatric trainee, this book provides you with the core knowledge and skills needed to deliver self-assured care to patients with mental health needs.


1. The Clinical Interview - Setting the Scene
2. The Psychiatric History - What to Ask
3. Mental State Examination
4. Proposing a Diagnosis: Classification, Formulation and Investigations
5. Personality Disorders
6. Mood Disorders
7. Psychotic Disorders
8. Anxiety and Obsessional Disorders
9. Eating Disorders
10. Psychoactive Substance Use
11. Psychiatry of Later Life
12. Child & Adolescent & Perinatal Psychiatry
13. Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability
14. Psychological Medicine (Hospital Psychiatry)
15. Forensic Perspectives in General Psychiatry
16. Psychological Treatments
17. Physical Treatments
18. Emergencies: Urgent, Serious and High Risk Scenarios in Psychiatry
19. Professionalism, Boundaries and Well-Being


Anne-Marie O'Dwyer, MD M ED FRCPI MRCPsych, is a consultant psychiatrist at the Psychological Medicine Service , St James's Hospital, Dublin (SJH) and Clinical Professor at Trinity College, Dublin (TCD). A medical graduate of TCD, she trained, initially in Internal Medicine (MRCPI, 1989; FRPCI, 2004), subsequently in psychiatry in Ireland and the UK (Maudsley and Institute of Psychiatry, London; Addenbrooke's, Cambridge), before being appointed Consultant Psychiatrist at the Maudsley. In 2000, she returned to set up the Psychological Medicine Service, and, later the Psycho-Oncology Service at St James's Hospital, Dublin. The service formed the blueprint for Psycho-Oncology services nationally (2017). She co-established the Liaison Psychiatry section (Irish Division, Royal College of Psychiatrists), serving as Hon. Secretary until 2007. As Clinical Professor at TCD, she has responsibility for the training of medical students in psychiatry. ; Mariel Campion, MB, MScLHPE, MRCPsych, is a medical graduate of University College, Dublin. She has just completed extensive training in psychiatry, including eating disorders, general adult and liaison, including perinatal psychiatry. She has a particular interest in education, gaining a Masters in Leadership in Health Professions Education from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), and has held Tutor and Lecturer positions with both University College, Dublin and RCSI.