SBAs in Sport, Exercise and Musculosketal Medicine

ISBN : 9780198859444

Robin Chatterjee
336 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Candidates can prepare with confidence for postgraduate exams in sports and exercise medicine (SEM) with this revision guide. Containing over 400 SBA questions the content is carefully mapped to the Membership of Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine UK (MFSEM) curriculum ensuring comprehensive preparation. The Single Best Answer questions mirror the format of those candidates can expect to find in the MFSEM exam and many other postgraduate MSC SEM examinations globally. Explanatory answers include valuable background knowledge and references for further study. Each question and answer has been written to a high standard by some of the leading lights in SEM, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, rheumatology, radiology and musculoskeletal medicine as well as other specialties. Written by over 90 experts from the UK, Australia, the USA and Europe, this resource can help candidates preparing for entrance and final fellowship examinations of many international organisations including the ACSEP in Australia, UEMS in Europe and the CAQ in the USA. Providing a thorough assessment of the reader's Sports and Exercise Medicine knowledge, this is an invaluable resource for today's SEM student.


1 Anatomy
2 Physiology
3 Musculoskeletal Medicine
4 Sports Medicine
5 Excercise Medicine
6 Trauma & Orthopaedics
7 Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning
8 Radiology
9 Medical Problems in Sport
10 Sports Cardiology
11 Paediatric Sports Medicine
12 Sport Psychiatry & Psychology
13 Female Sports Medicine
14 Dental Problems in Sport
15 Altitude medicine
16 Emergency Medicine
17 Podiatry & Biomechanics
18 Diet & Nutrition
19 Rheumatology
20 Disability Medicine & Prosthetics
21 Population Medicine & Public Health
22 Research & Statistics
23 Ethics, Duties & Law


Dr Robin Chatterjee is a Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine (SEM). He has a particular interest in bone, muscle or joint pain of unknown cause. He has trained in SEM in various prestigious establishments such as Charing Cross Hospital, Queen Mary University of London, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital and The Ministry of Defence Rehabilitation Centre. He has won awards for his research on low vitamin D as a cause of low back pain and his study on GPs knowledge of physical activity guidelines. He is currently on the research committee of the European College of Sports & Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP), is a lecturer on the MSc Sport & Exercise Medicine course at Queen Mary University of London and is an associate editor of the British Journal of Sport & Exercise Medicine (BJSM). He is the peer elected Secretary General of the British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine (BASEM) and also Lead Academy doctor at West Ham United Football Club.