Europe's Transformations: Essays in Honour of Loukas Tsoukalis

ISBN : 9780192895820

Helen Wallace; Nikos Koutsiaras; George Pagoulatos
304 ページ
166 x 240 mm

Europe's transformations is the unifying theme for this collective work that brings together leading academics and policy makers from across Europe and beyond. When the geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting, the sustainability of the Western economic model is under serious challenge and internal divisions in Europe are deep, we aim at looking at the major issues in a 'big picture' perspective. We draw lessons from the way Europe has responded or not to changes both within and without in multiple crises in recent years, try to understand what is at stake and consider alternative policy proposals. All the contributors have a long and widely recognized knowledge and experience of a wide range of issues of European integration and Europe's role in the world. They cross academic and professional boundaries and bring different perspectives as top analysts and policy makers, including two former prime ministers and a former US ambassador to the EU. They come together as friends, colleagues, and former students of Loukas Tsoukalis celebrating his scholarship and overall contribution to the European public sphere. The volume is divided into three main parts. The first deals with issues of democracy and welfare. The second part deals with major changes in the European balance of power and the balance between institutions. The third part examines changes in the global system and Europe's present and potential role in it.


Chronology of Loukas Tsoukalis' works
List of contributors
1 Helen Wallace: Setting the scene
2 Nikos Koutsiaras: Tsoukalis and the political economy of European integration
Democracy and welfare
3 Andre Sapir: Growth and competitiveness: an elusive European quest?
4 Xavier Prats Monne: Education and the European social contract
5 Vivien Schmidt: Europe's (euro) crisis of legitimacy
6 Jacques Rupnik: The East-West divide revisited 30 years on
7 Yves Meny: Liberal democracy and its discontent
Lopsided integration
8 Wolfgang Wessels: The European Council as a transformative force
9 Brigid Laffan: Core-periphery relations and European integration
10 George Pagoulatos: Integrating through crises: Revisiting the Eurozone's reform conundrum
11 Matthew Bevington and Anand Menon: Implications of Brexit for the UK and the EU - The knowns and the unknowns
What kind of power in what kind of global system?
12 Ngaire Woods: The end of multilateralism?
13 Jean Pisani-Ferry: The return of global asymmetries
14 Nathalie Tocci: The quest for European autonomy
15 Enrico Letta: The European Union as a global power?
16 Anthony Gardner: The Partnership Between the United States and the European Union: The Key to Ensuring that the Western Model is Not Eclipsed by China
17 Herman Van Rompuy: Are we still allowed to dream?


Professor Dame Helen Wallace is an Academic Specialist in the Politics of European integration with recent positions at the London School of Economics and Politics, the European University Institute, and the University of Sussex.; Nikos Koutsiaras is Associate Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Department of Political Science and Public Administration). He also is a senior research fellow at ELIAMEP. His research interests are in political economy of growth and redistribution, macroeconomic policy, employment and labour market policy, social policy, European integration, and EMU. ; George Pagoulatos is Professor of European Politics & Economy at the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB), and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges. He is Director General of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP). A regular columnist in the Sunday edition of the Greek newspaper Kathimerini since 2007, he served as Senior Advisor and Director of Strategy at the PM Office under Greece's two non-political prime ministers (2011-12). He holds a Law degree from the University of Athens, M.Sc. and D.Phil. in Politics from the University of Oxford, where he was a Rhodes scholar.