The Oxford Handbook of Luxury Business

ISBN : 9780190932220

Pierre-Yves Donze; Veronique Pouillard; Joanne Roberts
672 ページ
171 x 248 mm
Oxford Handbooks

This innovative volume brings together contributions from leading experts in the study of luxury to present the full range of perspectives on luxury business, from a variety of social science approaches. Topics include conceptual foundations and the evolution of the luxury industry; the production of luxury goods; luxury branding and marketing; distributing luxury; globalization and markets; and issues of morality, inequality, and environmental sustainability. The Oxford Handbook of Luxury Business is a necessary resource for all students and researchers of the field as well as for forward-thinking industry professionals.


1. Luxury Business: Approaches and Issues
Pierre-Yves Donze, Veronique Pouillard, and Joanne Roberts
Part I: Conceptual Foundations and the Evolution of the Luxury Industry
2. The History of Ideas on Luxury in the Early Modern Period
Christopher J. Berry
3. Critical Theory and the Singular Instant of Luxury: On Contemporary Conceptions of Luxury Customer Experience
John Armitage
4. Luxury as an Industry
Pierre-Yves Donze
5. Luxury, Banking, and Finance
Hubert Bonin
6. Luxury and the Entrepreneur: A Story of Meissen Porcelain, Harlequins, and Creative Destruction
Robin Holt
Part II: Producing Luxury
7. Luxury Supply Chain Management
Alessandro Brun and Hakan Karaosman
8. Luxury, Craft, Creativity, and Innovation
Joanne Roberts
9. Licensing and the Mass Production of Luxury Goods
Tomoko Okawa
10. Systemic Luxury Strategy
Jonas Hoffmann
Part III: Luxury Branding and Marketing
11. Luxury Branding
Benjamin Berghaus
12. Luxury Brand Extensions and Perceived Luxury: Insights from the Australian Market
Nicole Stegemann and Sara Denize
13. How to Manage Heritage Brands: The Case of Sleeping Beauties Revival
Delphine Dion
14. Consumers' Perceptions and Evaluations of Luxury and Luxury Brands
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann
15. Why Luxury Brands Partner with Artists
Annamma Joy and Russell W. Belk
Part IV: Distributing Luxury
16. Department Stores and Luxury Business
Rika Fujioka and Jouko Pitkanen
17. The Strategic Value of the Mono-Brand Store for European Luxury Fashion Brands
Christopher M. Moore
18. Airport Luxury Retail
Debbie Pinder and Joanne Roberts
19. Intellectual Property Rights and Country-of-Origins Labels in the Luxury Industry
Veronique Pouillard
Part V: Globalization and Markets
20. Luxury in the United States and Western Europe
Fflur Roberts, Florence Allday, Ayako Homma, and Oksana Malynovska
21. Luxury Business in Japan
Pierre-Yves Donze
22. Luxury in China
Qing Wang
23. Luxury in Emerging Markets: Towards Understanding New Prestige Brands in India
Glyn Atwal, Douglas Bryson, and J. P. Kuehlwein
Part VI: Issues of Morality, Inequality, and Environmental Sustainability
24. Economic Inequality and Luxury: A Critical Luxury Studies Approach
Joanne Roberts
25. Consumers, Counterfeiters, and Luxury Goods
Giacomo Gistri
26. Luxury and Corruption
Tereza Ostbo Kuldova
27. Luxury Tourism and Environmentalism
Geoffrey Jones
28. Digital Luxury: Toward a Sustainable Future?
Sandy Black


Pierre-Yves Donze is Professor of Business History at Osaka University, Japan, and a visiting professor at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Veronique Pouillard is Professor of International History at the Institute for Archeology, Conservation, and History at the University of Oslo, Norway. Joanne Roberts is Professor in Arts and Cultural Management and Director of the Winchester Luxury Research Group at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK.