Text Wars: Communication, Censorship, Freedom and Responsibility

ISBN : 9780199499076

Hilda David; Francis Jarman
340 ページ

Discourse is a battlefield, and texts (in the broadest sense) are weapons in such battles. Contemporary India has become a major battleground in these "text wars": there is no end in sight to the crude tinkering with centuries of intellectual advance currently being indulged in by puritanical revisionists. If they succeed, India will be redefined by having its institutions forced into line with what can best be described as a nationalist agenda. This collection of texts by Indian and non-Indian authors tackles questions of free expression, communication, censorship and social pressure, but also problems of social and media responsibility. It contains essays by writers, journalists and scholars, media specialists and political commentators, and includes accounts by contributors who have themselves been the direct victims of censorship, bullying and intimidation; there are poems, too, and a cartoon comic-strip. Most of the texts are originals that were written for this publication. The book stands out because of the high calibre of the contributors, but also because of the passion of their contributions. This is, after all, a war that must not be lost.


Acknowledgements xxx
Introduction. Hilda David xxx
Drawing Lines. Francis Jarman xxx
Freedom of Suppression. Christoph Werner xxx
The Rushdie Affair and the British Press: Some Salutary Lessons.
Bhikhu Parekh xxx
Free Expression, Censorship and Information Literacy on the Internet:
Some Perspectives on Search Engines and Social Media and Their Usage. Joachim Griesbaum xxx
My Internal Censor. Jerry Pinto xxx
Wittgenstein's Lion: Intercultural Communication and Foreign Language Competence. Jurgen Beneke xxx
John Betjeman, the Subversive Conservative. Jane Dryhurst Beckerman xxx
A Failed Dream. Sanjukta Dasgupta xxx
Four Poems. Peer Khan xxx
The Censor's Tail. Manjula Padmanabhan xxx
Two Poems. Aruni Kashyap xxx
Five Poems. R. Raj Rao xxx
Much Ado about a Bridge. M. Mohankumar xxx
Here Is a Country... Nayantara Sahgal xxx
The Spark in Their Words: The Texts Lived by Basava and Kalburgi.
Githa Hariharan xxx
Freedom of Expression and Values. Perumal Murugan xxx
Caste on the Plate. Dipti Nagpaul xxx
A Petition to the Minister xxx
If There Isn't a Free Press Don't Blame Modi. Kingshuk Nag xxx
Five Plays and This City. Ramu Ramanathan xxx
Speak Memory. Premila Paul xxx
Stories. Hilda David xxx
Where Is the Mind without Fear?: The Paul Linder Love Endowment Lecture 2017. Sashi Kumar xxx
Bibliography xxx


Dr. Hilda David is an Associate Professor of English at the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce in Pune. A novelist, playwright, stage director and teacher of creative writing, she has also written extensively for the national dailies. A consultant to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has coordinated and organised the Ibsen Festivals in India, and she was chosen by the English Speaking Union to represent India at the Shakespeare Workshop in London in 2008. Among her recent publications is a collection of essays, India Diversity (co-edited with Francis Jarman, 2017). Her works have been translated into Hindi, Urdu and Kannada. Dr. Francis Jarman taught English, Comparative Cultural Studies and Intercultural Communication at Hildesheim University, Germany, until his retirement in 2013. He has also taught or lectured in Egypt, Thailand and Japan and at eighteen European universities, and been a Scholar in Residence at Symbiosis, Pune, and a Visiting Professor at American College,; Madurai. He is a novelist, a playwright, and a classical numismatist. Among his publications about India are a play, A Star Fell (1998), about Cawnpore (Kanpur) in 1857; a study of sat? (2002); a short biography of Azimullah Khan (2008); and a collection of essays, India Diversity (co-edited with Hilda David, 2017)