Perception: First Form of Mind

ISBN : 9780198871019

Tyler Burge
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In Perception: First Form of Mind, Tyler Burge develops an understanding of the most primitive type of representational mind: perception. Focusing on its form, function, and underlying capacities, as indicated in the sciences of perception, Burge provides an account of the representational content and formal representational structure of perceptual states, and develops a formal semantics for them. The account is elaborated by an explanation of how the representational form is embedded in an iconic format. These structures are then situated in current theoretical accounts of the processing of perceptual representations, with an emphasis on the formation of perceptual categorizations. An exploration of the relationship between perception and other primitive capacities-conation, attention, memory, anticipation, affect, learning, and imagining-clarifies the distinction between perceiving, with its associated capacities, and thinking, with its associated capacities. Drawing on a broad range of historical and contemporary research, rather than relying on introspection or ordinary talk about perception, Perception: First Form of Mind is a scientifically rigorous and agenda-setting work in the philosophy of perception and the philosophy of science.


Part I: Perception
3:Perceptual Constancy: A Central Psychological Natural Kind
Part II: Form
4:Some Basics about Perception and Perceptual Systems
5:Perceptual Reference Requires Perceptual Attribution
6:Form and Semantics of Perceptual Representational Contents
7:Perceptual Attributives and Referential Applications in Perceptual Constancies
8:Egocentric Indexing in Perceptual Spatial and Temporal Frameworks
9:The Iconic Nature of Perception
Part III: Formation
10:First-formed Perception
11:Intra-saccadic Perception and Recurrent Processing
12:Further Attributives: Primitive Attribution of Causation, Agency
Part IV: System
13:Perceptual-level Representation and Categorization
14:Perceptual-level Conation and Relatively Primitive, Perceptually Guided Action
15:Perceptual Attention
16:Perceptual Memory I: Shorter Term Systems
17:Perceptual Memory II: Visual Perceptual Long-Term Memory
18:Perceptual Learning, Perceptual Anticipation, Perceptual Imagining
19:Perception and Cognition


Tyler Burge is Flint Professor of Philosophy, UCLA, where has taught since 1971. He has held visiting positions at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Munich, Bayreuth, Bologna, and Zurich. He has delivered numerous named lecture series, including the Locke Lectures, Dewey Lectures, Whitehead Lectures, Kant Lectures, Petrus Hispanus Lectures, and Nicod Lectures. His work has made contributions to philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychologyepistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, and the history of philosophy. He has published four books with OUP: Origins of Objectivity (2010) and three volumes of essays, Truth, Thought, Reason (2005), Foundations of Mind (2007), and Cognition through Understanding (2013).