The Oxford Handbook of Hedge Funds

ISBN : 9780198840954

Douglas Cumming; Sofia Johan; Geoffrey Wood
560 ページ
171 x 246 mm

The Oxford Handbook of Hedge Funds provides a comprehensive overview of the hedge fund industry from a global perspective, bringing together insights from theoretical and applied research. The book seeks to both introduce the industry and what it does to scholars and practitioners new to the area, and to provide more advanced insights to those with extensive expertise in the area. The handbook explains the main context in which hedge funds operate, how the raise capital, and their structure and governance. It evaluates the main factors that have affected the operation of hedge funds, including competition from mutual funds, the market environment, and financial regulation, explains key concepts such as hedge fund flows, and core issues of practice, such as hedge fund manager fees. This volume provides insights into the principle head fund strategies and how these have changed over the years. The behavioural dimensions of hedge fund behaviour are evaluated, as are fintech's consequences. The volume evaluates the effects of hedge funds on the firms they invest in, in terms of internal governance, strategy and practice. Furthermore, it explores a range of ethical issues around the operation of hedge funds, how they fit within the wider political economy, and changes in hedge fund regulation and taxation strategies.


1 Douglas Cumming, Sofia Johan, and Geoffrey Wood: Introduction
Part 1 - Hedge Fund Industry, Flows, and Governance
2 Joe McCahery and F. Alexander de Roode: The Lost Decade for Hedge Funds: Three Threats
3 Guillermo Baquero and Marno Verbeek: Hedge Fund Flows
4 Na Dai: Hedge Funds and Limited Partnership Agreements
Part 2 - Hedge Fund Strategies
5 Hany Shawky: Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds
6 Yigit Atilgan, Turan Bali, and A. Doruk Gunaydin: Hedge Fund Strategies in the Post-Crisis Era
7 Omololu Bajulaiye, Mark Fenwick, Ivona Skultetyova, and Erik Vermeulen: Covergence and Diversity in the Hedge Fund and Private Equity Industry
8 Neil Kellard: Hedge Funds and Herding Behaviour
9 Christian Lundstorm and Jarkko Peltomaki: Optimal Embedded Leverage for Portfolios of Commodity Trading Advisors
10 Wulf Kaal: Financial Technology and Hedge Funds
Part 3 - Hedge Fund Activism
11 Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal and Jan Schnitzler: How Does Hedge Fund Activism Differ from Other Activist Investors: A Review with Empirical Evidence
12 Hadiye Aslan: A Review of Hedge Fund Activism: Impact on Shareholders vs. Stakeholders
13 Ruth Aguilera, Ryan Federo, and Yuliya Ponomareva: Gone Global: The International Diffusion of Hedge Fund Activism
14 J.B Heaton: Hedge Fund Activism and Financial Performance
15 Roberto S. Santos and Sunny Li Sun: Hedge Fund Activism and Corporate Innovation
Part 4 - Hedge Fund Misconduct and Regulation
16 Philippe Jorion: Hedge Funds and Financial Misreporting
17 Nick Bollen: Misconduct at Hedge Funds
18 David M. Shapiro: Outsourcing Compliance Functions and Fraud Detection
19 Wulf Kaal: Indirect Regulation of Hedge Funds
20 Francoise-Serge Lhabitant: Tax Optimization of Hedge Funds, Both in Terms of Their Setup and/or in Terms of Structuring their Investments
21 Ian Clarke and Emrah Karakilic: Locating Hedge Funds in a Subjective and Political Economy Context


Douglas Cumming, J.D., Ph.D., CFA, is the DeSantis Distinguished Professor of Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at the College of Business, Florida Atlantic University. Douglas has published over 185 articles in leading refereed academic journals, such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Journal of International Business Studies, and has been cited over 17,000 times according to Google Scholar. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Management (2020-2022), the Journal of Corporate Finance (2018-2020), and the Review of Corporate Finance (2021-). ; Sofia Johan, LL.B., LL.M., PhD., is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the College of Business, Florida Atlantic University. Sofia has published over 60 articles in leading refereed academic journals, such as the American Law and Economics Review, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Journal of International Business Studies. Sofia has been cited over 3000 times on Google Scholar. Sofia is an Associate Editor of the British Journal of Management, and the incoming Co-Editor of Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance. ; Geoffrey Wood is DanCap Chair of Innovation and Head of DAN Management at Western University in Canada, and Visiting Professor at Trinity College, Dublin. He has served as Dean and Professor of International Business, at Essex Business School and as Professor of International Business at Warwick Business School, UK. He has authored/co-authored/edited 18 books, and over 180 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He holds honorary positions at Griffith and Monash University in Australia. His research interests centre on the relationship between institutional setting, corporate governance, firm finance, and firm level work and employment relations.