Radial Access for Neurointervention

ISBN : 9780197524176

Pascal M. Jabbour; Eric Peterson
152 ページ
178 x 254 mm

For the longest time, neuroendovascular procedures have been done through the femoral artery (TFA) located in the thigh and groin region. Over the last decade, interventional cardiologists have pioneered a newer approach: by utilizing the radial artery in the wrist to access the arterial system, a new procedure has been employed: radial access. Numerous studies and randomized controlled trials have demonstrated this to be a safer way of performing endovascular procedures, and a majority of the interventional cardiac procedures are performed via radial access. The neurointerventional community, however, has been slow to adopt this innovation. The radial access innovation is finally making its way to the neurointerventional community. Radial Access for Neurointervention has all the literature supporting illustrating how radial access is useful to the neuro community. Detailed chapters describe the techniques of radial access including positioning the patient on the table, driving the microcatheters intracranially, aneurysms treatment, AVM/AVF embolizations, complications management, and more. Readily enhanced throughout with pictures and movies, this first-of-its-kind book will guide neurointerventionalists to transition their practices to radial first.


Chapter 1: Why Radial?
Chapter 2: Room Setup and Access Techniques
Chapter 3: Distal radial Snuff Box Approach
Chapter 4: Diagnostic Angiography
Chapter 5: Interventional Procedures
Chapter 6 : Aneurysms treatment
Chapter 7: AVM / AVF treatment
Chapter 8 : Carotid Stenting
Chapter 9: Stroke
Chapter 10: The left radial approach
Chapter 11: Use of Long Radial Sheaths
Chapter 12: Closure techniques
Chapter 13: Pediatric Transradial Approach
Chapter 14 : Intra Operative Transradial Angiograms
Chapter 15: Getting out of Trouble
Chapter 16: How to Convert your Practice from TFA to TRA
Chapter 17: Future Directions


Pascal M. Jabbour, MD The Angela and Richard T. Clark Distinguished Professor of Neurological Surgery and Division Chief of Neurovascular Surgery And Endovascular Neurosurgery Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Eric Peterson, MD FAANS Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery Chief of Endovascular Neurosurgery University of Miami MILLER School of Medicine Jackson Memorial Hospital