Principles of Medical Professionalism

ISBN : 9780197506226

Gia Merlo
312 ページ
140 x 210 mm

The Geneva Declaration, a modern successor to the Hippocratic Oath, was recently revised to include the clause "I will attend to my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard." As the practice of medicine enters the modern era, a combination of disruptive factors, including the increased use of electronic health records and changes to the US healthcare system, have left physicians struggling to find happiness in their careers. Principles of Medical Professionalism emphasizes an often-neglected aspect of medical professionalism: how and why physicians ought to focus on their self-care, happiness, and well-being as they advance through the process of socialization into the medical community of practice. This book will help students manage their expectations about the profession while becoming more resilient to the disruptions in the field and equip health professionals of all levels with the practical knowledge and tools to integrate the values of medical professionalism into their professional identity. Ultimately, this book aims to empower physicians to transform their patient care in a way that incorporates an attention to healing, caring, and compassion while upholding a duty to serve the patient and society.


1. A Roadmap to Medical Professionalism
2. The Reflective Process
3. Happiness and Self-Care
4. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
5. Professional Boundaries and Digital Professionalism
6. Communication, Empathy, and Compassion
7. Cultural Praxis: From Cultural Competence to Cultural Humility to Action
8. Teams in Medicine
9. Lifestyle Medicine
10. Stress, Burnout, and Coping Strategies
11. Depression, Anxiety, and Physician Suicide
12. Substance Use Disorders and the Impaired Physician
13. Spirituality, Religion, and Humanism
14. Personal Financial Considerations for Physicians
15. The Aging Physician
16. Looking to the Future


Gia Merlo, MD, MBA is clinical professor of psychiatry and nursing, and senior advisor on wellness at New York University. Prior to joining NYU, she was associate dean of health professions and founding director of the Medical Professionalism Program at Rice University. She has been involved in clinical care and medical education for nearly 30 years and is an expert in professional development and mental health, particularly of physicians and other healthcare professionals.