The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism

ISBN : 9780199549368

Cedric Boeckx
736 ページ
177 x 250 mm
Oxford Handbooks in Linguistics

This Handbook provides a complete assessment of the current achievements and challenges of the Minimalist Program. Established 15 years ago by Noam Chomsky with the aim of making all statements about language as simple and general as possible, linguistic minimalism is now at the centre of efforts to understand how the human language faculty operates in the mind and manifests itself in languages. In this book leading researchers from all over the world explore the origins of the program, the course of its sometimes highly technical research, and its connections with other disciplines, such as parallel developments in fields such as developmental biology, cognitive science, computational science, and philosophy of mind. The authors examine every aspect of the enterprise, show how each part relates to the whole, and set out current methodological and theoretical issues and proposals. The various chapters in this book trace the development of minimalist ideas in linguistics, highlight their significance and distinctive character, and relate minimalist research and aims to those in parallel fields. They focus on core aspects in syntax, including feature, case, phrase structure, derivations, and representations, and on interface issues within the grammar. They also take minimalism outside the domain of grammar to consider its role in closely related biolinguistic projects, including the evolution of mind and language and the relation between language and thought. The handbook is designed and written to meet the needs of students and scholars in linguistics and cognitive science at graduate level and above, as well as to provide a guide to the field for researchers other disciplines.


1. Some Roots of Minimalism in Generative Grammar
2. Features in Minimalist Syntax
3. Case
4. Merge and Bare Phrase Structure
5. Structure and Order: Asymmetric Merge
6. Multidominance
7. The Copy Theory
8. A-bar Dependencies
9. Head-Movement and the Minimalist Program
10. Minimality
11. Derivational Cycles
12. Anti-Locality: Too-close Relations in Grammar
13. Derivation(s)
14. No Derivation Without Representation
15. Last Resort with Move and Agree in Derivations and Representations
16. Optionality
17. Syntax and Interpretation Systems: How is their labour Divided?
18. Minimalist Construal: Two Approaches to A and B
19. A Minimalist Approach to Argument Structure
20. Minimalist Semantics
21. Minimal Semantic Instructions
22. Language and Thought
23. Parameters
24. Minimalism and Language Acquisition
25. A Minimalist Program for Phonology
26. Minimizing Language Evolution: The Minimalist Program and teh Evolutionary Shaping of Language
27. Computational perspectives on Minimalism


Cedric Boeckx is Research Professor at the Catalan Institute for Advanced Studies (ICREA) and a member of the Center for Theoretical Linguistics at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He was previously Associate Professor of Linguistics at Harvard University. He is the author of Islands and Chains (Benjamins, 2003), Linguistic Minimalism, and Bare Syntax (OUP 2006; 2008), and Language in Cognition (Wiley, 2009). He has published numerous articles in journals such as Linguistic Inquiry and Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.