Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility Volume 7

ISBN : 9780192844644

David Shoemaker
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Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility

Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility is a series of volumes presenting outstanding new work on a set of connected themes, investigating such questions as: * What does it mean to be an agent? * What is the nature of moral responsibility? Of criminal responsibility? What is the relation between moral and criminal responsibility (if any)? * What is the relation between responsibility and the metaphysical issues of determinism and free will? * What do various psychological disorders tell us about agency and responsibility? * How do moral agents develop? How does this developmental story bear on questions about the nature of moral judgment and responsibility? * What do the results from neuroscience imply (if anything) for our questions about agency and responsibility? OSAR thus straddles the areas of moral philosophy and philosophy of action, but also draws from a diverse range of cross-disciplinary sources, including moral psychology, psychology proper (including experimental and developmental), philosophy of psychology, philosophy of law, legal theory, metaphysics, neuroscience, neuroethics, political philosophy, and more. It is unified by its focus on who we are as deliberators and (inter)actors, embodied practical agents negotiating (sometimes unsuccessfully) a world of moral and legal norms.


David Shoemaker: Introduction
1 Derek Lam: Stipulative Agency
2 Lilian O'Brien: Answerability Without Reasons
3 Michael E. Bratman: Shared Intention, Organized Institutions
4 Christa Peterson and Jack Samuel: The Right and the Wren
5 Aness Webster: Social-Embedded Agency: Lessons from Marginalized Identities
6 Daniel Burnston: Pluralistic Attitude-Explanation and the Mechanisms of Intentional Action
7 Daniel Telech: Praise as Moral Address
8 Hannah Tierney: Guilty Confessions
9 Jada Twedt Strabbing: Blame and Blameworthy Presentation: A (Mostly) Ecumenical Account of Blame
10 Pamela Hieronymi: Fairness, Sanction, and Condemnation
11 David Beglin: Unconditional Forgiveness and Normative Condescension
12 Carla Bagnoli: Disclaiming Responsibility, Voicing Disagreements, and Negotiating Boundaries


David Shoemaker is Professor of Philosophy at the Murphy Institute at Tulane University. He is the author or co-author of two books and thirty-five articles, many of them having to do with the issues of agency, responsibility, and personal identity.