How to Get Your PhD: A Handbook for the Journey

ISBN : 9780198866923

Gavin Brown
272 ページ
130 x 195 mm

A unique take on how to survive and thrive in the process your PhD, this is a book that stands out from the crowd of traditional PhD guides. Compiled by a leading UK researcher, and written in a highly personal one-to-one manner, How to Get Your PhD showcases the thoughts of diverse and distinguished minds hailing from the UK, EU, and beyond, spanning both academia and industry. With over 150 bitesize nuggets of actionable advice, it offers more detailed contributions covering topics such as career planning, professional development, diversity and inclusion in science, and the nature of risk in research. How to Get Your PhD: A Handbook for the Journey is as readable for people considering a PhD as it is for those in the middle of one: aiming to clarify the highs and lows that come when training in the profession of research, while providing tips & tricks for the journey. This concise yet complete guide allows students to "dip in" and read just what they need, rather than adding to the mountain of reading material they already have.


1 What is a PhD?
2 Things you need to know
3 Things that will happen
4 How to Find your New Idea
5 How to work with a Supervisor
6 Work on Yourself
7 How to Read
8 How to Write
9 How to give Presentations
10 What happens in a Viva?
11 Your Post-PhD Life
12 Skills you will have gained
i Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell DBE FRS: Choosing a Career in Science
ii Professor Victoria Burns: Becoming a Reflective Professional
iii Professor Steve Furber CBE FRS FREng: Doing your PhD as part of a team
iv Dr Lucy Kissick: Saying yes to opportunity and no
v Professor Hiranya Peiris: The Rewards of Risk in Research
vi Professor Melanie Leng MBE: Top Writing Tips
vii Professor Jeremy Wyatt: Mistakes your Supervisor will make
viii Professor David Hand OBE FBA MMC: A PhD in Statistics & Data Science
ix Dr Carolyn Virca: Building a Strong Support Network .
x Dr Shakir Mohamed: Inventing Ourselves: Responsibility & Diversity in Research
xi Dr Jonny Brooks-Bartlett: Public Engagement in Research
xii Dr Jennifer Polk: Your career is up to you


Gavin Brown is Professor of Machine Learning, and Director of Research for the Department of Computer Science, at the University of Manchester, UK. He obtained his PhD in 2004 from the University of Birmingham, winning the British Computer Society Distinguished Dissertation Award, given annually for the most outstanding UK thesis in Computer Science. In 2005 he joined Manchester, and since then has built a team working on Machine Learning and Data Science, contributing both fundamental and applied research, funded by the UK and EU government as well as industry sponsors