The Epistemology of Fake News

ISBN : 9780198863977

Sven Bernecker; Amy K. Flowerree; Thomas Grundmann
384 ページ
156 x 234 mm

News is vital for a healthy democracy. Collective decision-making requires accurate, reliable information. Nevertheless, much of the information we encounter is inadequate for this task. And some-peddled by politicians, profiteers, bots and algorithms-is fake. Social media platforms and emerging technologies allow fake news to dominate our information landscape. An adequate understanding our current information landscape calls for a new discipline, the epistemology of fake news. The epistemology of fake news studies knowledge communication under imperfect conditions. This book is the first sustained inquiry into the new epistemology of fake news. The chapters, authored by established and emerging names in the field, pursue three goals. First, to analyse the meaning and novelty of 'fake news' and related notions, such as 'conspiracy theory.' Second, to discuss the mechanics of fake news, exploring various practices that generate or promote fake news. Third, to investigate potential therapies for fake news.


Sven Bernecker, Amy K. Flowerree, and Thomas Grundmann: Introduction
Part I. Analyses of Fake News
1 Romy Jaster and David Lanius: Speaking of Fake News: Definitions and Dimensions
2 Duncan Pritchard: Good News, Bad News, Fake News
3 David Coady: The Fake News about Fake News
4 M. Giulia Napolitano: Conspiracy Theories and Evidential Self-Insulation
Part II. Mechanics of Fake News
5 Filippo Ferrari & Sebastiano Moruzzi: Enquiry and Normative Deviance: The Role of Fake News in Science Denialism
6 Thomas Grundmann: Facing Epistemic Authorities: Where Democratic Ideals and Critical Thinking Mislead Cognition
7 Catarina Dutilh Novaes and Jeroen de Ridder: Is Fake News Old News?
8 Maura Priest: How Vice Can Motivate Distrust in Elites and Trust in Fake News
9 Jennifer Lackey: Echo Chambers, Fake News, and Social Epistemology
10 Emmanuel J. Genot and Erik J. Olsson: The Dissemination of Fake Science: On the Ranking of Retracted Articles in Google
Part III. Therapies of Fake News
11 Sarah Wright: The Virtue of Epistemic Trustworthiness and Re-Posting on Social Media
12 Sanford C. Goldberg: Fake News and Epistemic Rot - Or, Why We Are All in This Together
13 Sven Bernecker: An Epistemic Defense of News Abstinence
14 Axel Gelfert: Fake News, False Beliefs, and the Fallible Art of Knowledge Maintenance
15 Michael Baurmann and Daniel Cohnitz: Trust No One: The (Social) Epistemological Consequences of Belief in Conspiracy Theories


Sven Bernecker is Humboldt Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cologne and Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Irvine. Besides Germany and the USA, he held tenured academic positions in Austria and the UK. He obtained his PhD in Philosophy in 1997 at Stanford University and the Habilitation in 2002 at the University of Munich.; Amy K. Flowerree is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Texas Tech University. Previously, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Contemporary Epistemology and the Kantian Tradition (CONCEPT) at the University of Cologne. She completed her PhD in philosophy at Northwestern University in 2017.; Thomas Grundmann is professor of philosophy at the University of Cologne since 2004. Before that he held academic positions in Tubingen and Saarbruecken. He obtained his PhD in Philosophy in 1991 and the Habilitation in 200, both at the University of Tuebingen.