So you want to be a Doctor?: The ultimate guide to getting into medical school (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780198836308

David Metcalfe; Harveer Dev; Michael Moazami
416 ページ
160 x 235 mm
Success in Medicine

So you want to be a doctor? Be confident and fully prepared for every step of your medical school application. Packed with insight, tips, and information you won't find anywhere else, this essential guide helps applicants succeed against tough competition. Full of practical advice from those in the know! Over 100 medical students and admissions tutors have contributed to unique profiles of every medical school in the UK with rankings and detailed explanations of what it is really like to study at each one. Discover how often students encounter patients, how teaching is delivered, what the facilities are like, and most importantly, what admissions tutors are looking for. Every medical school is different and this book helps students choose the school they are best suited to. There is advice at every turn, providing support all the way from choosing A-levels, finding work experience, and writing personal statements, to strong strategies for interview success. The authors, who have all been through the process themselves, bring together insider information such as: - How much medical school really costs - How graduates of each medical school perform after they qualify - Which work experience is best, and how to get it - How to perform well on standardised admissions tests, such as the UCAT and BMAT, plus sample questions


Becoming a doctor
1 Making the decision
2 Succeeding at A-level
3 Taking a gap year
4 Getting a life
5 Work experience
6 Preparing for admissions tests
7 Choosing a medical school
8 Undergraduate medical schools
9 Perfecting the UCAS form
10 Getting into Oxbridge
11 Graduate entry medicine
12 Graduate entry medical schools
13 Non-traditional applications
14 How to succeed at interview
15 If things don't work out
16 Making the most of medical school
Appendix 1: UCAT and BMAT questions
Appendix 2: Useful resources