Family Law

ISBN : 9780198834243

Polly Morgan
912 ページ
189 x 246 mm

Fresh, engaging, and thought-provoking, Family Law uses examples and scenarios that bring the law to life. Students often find the complex and ever-evolving nature of family law a real challenge. Polly Morgan tackles this head-on with captivating concrete examples that apply the legal principles and reinforce learning. The scenarios featured throughout address topics such as international surrogacy and adoption, gender transition within a marriage, and controversies in the care system, to give students a forward-thinking perspective on family law that is truly reflective of the diversity of families. It equips students with comprehensive knowledge of family law and gives them the opportunity to engage with the content at a much deeper level. Polly Morgan's clearly-structured, paced, and guiding narrative through all the required material of an undergraduate course, married with rigorous academic analysis and examination of the law, provides unrivalled support to enable students to confidently navigate the complex and sensitive aspects of family law. It empowers them to identify, examine, and critique the mis-match between the law's aims and the reality, and to develop their ability to participate in academic debate with confidence, criticality, and skill. Digital formats and resources Unique to family law, the e-book provides opportunities for self-test and instant feedback throughout each chapter, so that students can instantly identify any gaps in their knowledge before progressing further. Morgan also provides bespoke author videos that address those topics students report as finding the most difficult, and provides invaluable support and explanation that makes Family Law a highly engaging and supportive textbook for undergraduates. The text is available as a fully interactive e-book with integrated interactive resources throughout, and comes accompanied by extensive online resources. For students: - Over 350 self-test questions - Author videos tackling the most challenging topics of family law - Chapter on elderly care (coming in December 2021) For lecturers: - Mini guides, which are organized thematically and provide topics and ideas for class debate and discussion - Downloadable tables, diagrams, and flowcharts


1 Introduction
2 Marriage and civil partnership
3 Ending a marriage or civil partnership
4 Financial provision on divorce
5 Cohabitants and remedies not dependent on marriage
6 Financial support for children
7 Protection from domestic abuse
8 Parenthood and parental responsibility
9 Children's rights and welfare
10 Private law disputes about children
11 Child protection: state support for children
12 Child protection: care, supervision, and adoption


Polly Morgan is an Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia, where she studied her own undergraduate law degrees and earned a distinction in the LLM in Family Law and Policy. She has taught at Keele University where her remit was law student support (a role for which she won awards from both students and the university), and at CILEX Law School, where she taught client care and legal research. She spent a decade in legal practice as a family law solicitor, co-founded her own law firm, and chaired a regional family lawyers' organization. She is now Director of UEA's law clinic and still advises clients with family law problems while teaching modules on child law and adult relationships law. Polly is a senior fellow of Advance HE and is completing a master's degree in HE Practice. She also writes for her own blog, Polly Morgan's Family Law Guide, as well as for the Transparency Project, which aims to demystify family law.