Philosophy and Climate Change

ISBN : 9780198796282

Mark Budolfson; Tristram McPherson; David Plunkett
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Climate change is poised to threaten, disrupt, and transform human life, and the social, economic, and political institutions that structure it. Philosophy and Climate Change argues that understanding climate change, and discussing how to address it, should be at the very center of our public conversation. It shows that philosophy can make an enormous contribution to that conversation, but only if both philosophers and non-philosophers understand what it can contribute. The sixteen original articles collected in this volume both illustrate the diverse ways that philosophy can contribute to this conversation, and ways in which thinking about climate change can help to illuminate a range of topics of independent interest to philosophers.


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Section I. Valuing Climate Change Impacts
1 Peter Railton: A Convenient Truth? Climate Change and Quality of Life
2 Jeff Sebo: Animals and Climate Change
3 Maddalena Ferranna: Discounting under Risk: Utilitarianism vs. Prioritarianism
4 Kian Mintz-Woo: A Philosopher's Guide to Discounting
5 Gustaf Arrhenius, Mark Budolfson, and Dean Spears: Climate Change Policy Depend Importantly On Population Ethics? Deflationary Responses to the Challenges of Population Ethics for Public Policy
Section II. Cognition, Emotions, and Climate Change
6 Chrisoula Andreou: Way to Go, Me
7 Alison McQueen: The Wages of Fear? Toward Fearing Well About Climate Change
8 Dan Greco: Climate Change and Cultural Cognition
Section III. Climate Change and Individual Ethics
9 Julia Nefsky: Climate Change and Individual Obligations: A Dilemma for the Expected Utility Approach, and the Need for an Imperfect View
10 Tristram McPherson: The Puzzle of Inefficacy
11 Gunnar Bjornsson: On individual and shared obligations: in defense of the activist's perspective
12 John Broome: What Harm Does Each of Us Do?
Section IV. Climate Change and Politics
13 Lucas Stancyzk: How Quickly Should the World Reduce Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Welfare Economics, the Non-Identity Problem, and the Structure of Intergenerational Justice
14 Mark Budolfson: Political Realism, Feasibility Wedges, and Opportunities for Collective Action on Climate Change
15 Katie Steele: Pareto Improvements and Feasible Climate Solutions
16 Dale Jamieson and Marcello Di Paola: Climate Change, Liberalism, and the Public/Private Distinction


Mark Budolfson is Assistant Professor in the Center for Population-Level Bioethics and Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at Rutgers University. ; Tristram McPherson is Professor of Philosophy at the Ohio State University. ; David Plunkett is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Dartmouth College.