The Oxford Handbook of the Pentateuch

ISBN : 9780198726302

Joel S. Baden; Jeffrey Stackert
544 ページ
171 x 246 mm
Oxford Handbooks

Featuring contributions from internationally-recognized scholars in the study of the Pentateuch, this volume provides a comprehensive survey of key topics and issues in contemporary pentateuchal scholarship. The Oxford Handbook of the Pentateuch considers recent debates about the formation of the Pentateuch and their implications for biblical scholarship. At the same time, it addresses a number of issues that relate more broadly to the social and intellectual worlds of the Pentateuch. This includes engagements with questions of archaeology and history, the Pentateuch and the Samaritans, the relation between the Pentateuch and other Moses traditions in the Second Temple period, the Pentateuch and social memory, and more. Crucially, the Handbook situates its discussions of current developments in pentateuchal studies in relation to the field's long history, one that in its modern, critical phase is now more than two centuries old. By showcasing both this rich history and the leading edges of the field, this collection provides a clear account of pentateuchal studies and a fresh sense of its vitality and relevance within biblical studies, religious studies, and the broader humanities.


List of Contributors
1 Joel S. Baden and Jeffrey Stackert: Introduction: Convergences and Divergences in Contemporary Pentateuchal Research
Part I:Text and Early Reception
2 Olivier Artus: The Pentateuch: Five Books, One Canon
3 Sidnie White Crawford: The Text of the Pentateuch
4 John J. Collins: The Pentateuch in Second Temple Judaism
5 Molly M. Zahn: The Relevance of Moses Traditions in the Second Temple Period
6 Magnar Kartveit: The Pentateuch and the Samaritans
7 Cecile Dogniez: The Greek Translation of the Pentateuch
Part II: The Formation of the Pentateuch
8 Jean-Louis Ska: The Beginnings of a Critical Reading of the Pentateuch
9 Rudolf Smend: The Graf-Kuenen-Wellhausen School
10 Baruch J. Schwartz: The Documentary Hypothesis
11 Thomas B. Dozeman: Form and Tradition Criticism
12 Reinhard G. Kratz: Defining and Identifying Secondary Layers
13 Reinhard Muller: Positions on Redaction
14 Jakob Wohrle: The Priestly Writing(s): Scope and Nature
15 Udo Rutersworden: The Place of Deuteronomy in the Formation of the Pentateuch
16 Jeffrey Stackert: The Relationship of the Legal Codes
17 Frank Polak: The Identification of Preexilic Material in the Pentateuch
18 Rainer Albertz: The Identification of Postexilic Material in the Pentateuch
Part III: The Pentateuch in Its Social World
19 Angela Roskop Erisman: The Genres of the Pentateuch and Their Social Settings
20 David P. Wright: Ancient Near Eastern Literature and the Pentateuch
21 Israel Finkelstein: The Pentateuch: Archaeology and History
22 Yitzhaq Feder: Pentateuchal and Ancient Near Eastern Ritual
23 Mark Brett: The Imperial Context of the Pentateuch
24 Reinhard Achenbach: The Pentateuch outside the Pentateuch
25 Ehud Ben Zvi: The Pentateuch as/and Social Memory of 'Israel' in the Late Persian Period
26 James W. Watts: The Pentateuch as 'Torah'


Joel S. Baden is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Yale University. ; Jeffrey Stackert is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Chicago.