An Introduction to the Law of Trusts (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780199545759

Simon Gardner
400 ページ
141 x 214 mm
Clarendon Law Series

A comprehensive, stimulating introduction to trusts law, which provides readers with a clear conceptual framework to aid understanding of this challenging area of the law. Aimed at readers studying trusts at an undergraduate level, it provides a succinct and enlightening account of this area of the law. Concise and clear, this book also identifies and discusses many analytical perspectives, encouraging a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. It offers an outstanding treatment of specific areas, in particular remedial constructive trusts and trusts of family homes. Ideal for providing a broad background to the issues before embarking on an in-depth study of trusts, it can also be used to help the reader to develop their understanding. For those looking to challenge themselves, detailed footnotes highlight further issues and point the direction for future reading. Fully revised to take into account the Charities Act 2006, judicial developments through case law, and recent academic work in this area, this new edition in the renowned Clarendon Law Series offers a well-written, careful, and insightful introduction to the law of trusts.


1. The nature of trusts
2. Policies shaping the express trust concept
3. Finding settlors' intentions
4. Promises to make trusts
5. Formalities
6. Charitable trusts
7. Stewardship
8. Fixed trusts
9. Dispositive discretions
10. Modification
11. Securing performance
12. Trustees' duties and beneficiaries' rights
13. Breach of trust and remedies
14. Liabilities of strangers
15. Constructive trusts 1
16. Resulting trusts
17. Constructive trusts 2
18. Constructive trusts 3


Simon Gardner has been a member of the Oxford University Law Faculty and a Fellow of Lincoln College since 1978, working and teaching primarily in the areas of Land Law, Trusts, and Criminal Law. He is the author of some fifty articles, principally in these areas, and of books in Land Law and Trusts. In recent years he been made an Academic Member of the Chancery Bar Association, and was given a Teaching Excellence Award by Oxford University.