Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood

ISBN : 9780190057008

Elizabeth M. Morgan; Manfred H. M. van Dulmen
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156 x 235 mm

Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood provides a comprehensive overview of sexuality at the stage straddling adolescence and adulthood. The first section of the volume offers conceptualizations and foundational perspectives on sexuality in emerging adulthood, with topics including theory, developmental considerations, sexual behavior, sexual beliefs and attitudes, associations with romance, casual sex, and sexual orientation. The second section systematically examines contexts and socializing agents of sexual development, including parents, peers, media, and religion. The third section narrows in on the overarching theme of the series by addressing factors leading to flourishing and floundering in the area of sexuality during emerging adulthood, such as effects of early adversity, sexual health, sexual well-being, sexuality and mental health, and sexual assault. Accompanying seven of the chapters in the volume are brief scientific reports offering new related research. The volume also contains four method tutorials that discuss topics in sex research such as ethical considerations, recruitment and incentive strategies, and identity-affirming methods. Concluding with innovative new perspectives on the integration of sexual health promotion and sexual violence prevention, this volume is crucial reading for academic scholars and those working with and supporting emerging adults.


Elizabeth M. Morgan & Manfred H. M. van Dulmen
Chapter 1: Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood: A Primer on Theory
Spencer B. Olmstead & Kristin M. Anders
Chapter 2: Setting the Stage for Emerging Adulthood Sexuality: Adolescent Sexuality as the Prequel
Kyla M. Cary & Marla Reese-Weber
Chapter 3: Emerging Adult Sexual Behavior: What, When and with Whom
Sara Vasilenko
Brief Report: Social Withdrawal and Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood
Carlie Palmer-Webb, Larry J. Nelson, & Mallory A. Millett
Chapter 4: Bridging Hinges: The Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values of Emerging Adults' Sexualities
Heidi A. Lyons & George Sanders
Chapter 5: Linking Sex and Romance
Spencer B. Olmstead & Kristin M. Anders
Brief Report: Emerging Adults with Disabilities: Looking Online for Relationships
Elizabeth Mazur
Chapter 6: Who Participates? Individual Characteristics Associated with the Casual Sexual Relationships and Experiences of Emerging Adults
Shannon Claxton
Chapter 7: Sexual Orientations and Identities Among Sexual Minority Emerging Adults
Marc E. D. Svensson & David M. Frost
Brief Report: Trending Queer: Emerging Adults and the Growing Resistance to Compulsory Heterosexuality
Sean G. Massey, Richard E. Mattson, Mei-Hsiu Chen, Melissa Hardesty, Ann Merriwether, Sarah R. Young, & Maggie M. Parker
Method Tutorial: Ethical Considerations in Conducting Research on Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood
Ebru Yucel, Danika Charles, DJ Angelone, Meredith Joppa
Method Tutorial: Venue-Based and Web-Based Recruitment for Non-College Attending Ethnic Minority Young Adults
Ciara Smalls Glover & Laura Salazar
Method Tutorial: A Multi-Layered Financial Incentive Structure to Retain Sexual Minority Emerging Adults in Longitudinal Studies that Include Biospecimen Collection
Erica P. Wood & Stephanie H. Cook
Method Tutorial: Beyond the Binary: A 'Real World' Example to Inform Identity-Affirming Laboratory Methods with Substance Using Youth
Renee M. Cloutier, Kinsie J. Dunham, Bryan Cochran, & Heidemarie Blumenthal
Chapter 8: Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood: Parents and Family
Sarah E. Killoren
Chapter 9: The Role of Friends and Peers on Emerging Adults' Sexual Behavior
Haylee K. DeLuca Bishop
Brief Report: The Long Reach of Peer Influence on Emerging Adults' Sexual Activity
Angela M. Kaufman-Parks, Monica A. Longmore, Wendy D. Manning, & Peggy C. Giordano
Chapter 10: Media as a Source of Sexual Socialization for Emerging Adults: A Review of Evidence from Content Analyses and Effects Studies of TV/Films, Music/Music Videos, and Pornography
Jennifer Stevens Aubrey, Leah Dajches, & Larissa Teran
Brief Report: Social Media and Hooking-Up in College Emerging Adults: Sliding into DMs
Kacie Cassar & Lance C. Garmon
Chapter 11: Diverse Trajectories at the Intersection of Religion and Sexuality during Emerging Adulthood
Brian J. Willoughby, Loren D. Marks, & David C. Dollahite
Brief Report: Perceived Significant Other and Personal Religiosity Traits that Predict Emerging Adult Risky Sexual Behavior
Melanie Stearns, Mary M. Rogers, & Cliff McKinney
Chapter 12: Effects of Adversity on Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood
Jennifer Connolly, Katherine Benvenuto, & Katherine Wincentak
Chapter 13: Sexual Health in Emerging Adulthood
Meredith Joppa, Nicole Cantor, & Corey Doremus
Chapter 14: Sexual Well-being in Emerging Adulthood
Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez & Sara Vasilenko
Chapter 15: Sexuality and Mental Health in Emerging Adulthood
Anne J. Maheux & Sophia Choukas-Bradley
Chapter 16: Sexual Assault in Emerging Adulthood: Current Literature and Future Directions
Ryan S. Ross, Meredith A. Blackwell, Kristen N. Vitek, & Elizabeth A. Yeater
Brief Report: Factors affecting a decision to self-disclose sexual violence experiences
Clara Alverina Jovita & Julia Suleeman
Chapter 17: New Perspectives on the Integration of Sexual Health Promotion and Sexual Violence Prevention during Emerging Adulthood
Megan K. Maas & Emily A. Waterman
Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood: Opportunities for Flourishing and Floundering
Elizabeth M. Morgan & Manfred H. M. van Dulmen


Elizabeth M. Morgan is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Springfield College. She earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her research focuses on emerging adult sexual and romantic relationship development, with a specific emphasis on sexual orientation and identity development. Manfred H. M. van Dulmen is the Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Interim Dean for Graduate Studies at Kent State University where he also is a Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences. He earned his Ph.D. in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on close relationships and methodology in adolescence and young adulthood.