Red at Heart: How Chinese Communists Fell in Love with the Russian Revolution

ISBN : 9780197528433

Elizabeth McGuire
476 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Red at Heart conjures a tale of cross-cultural romance from a topic that is normally seen in geopolitical or ideological terms-and thereby offers a new interpretation of twentieth century communism's most crucial alliance. This is the multigenerational history of people who experienced Sino-Soviet affairs most intimately: prominent Chinese revolutionaries who traveled to Russia in their youths to study, often falling in love and having children there. Their deeply personal memoirs, interviews with their children, and a vivid collection of documents from the Russian archives allow Elizabeth McGuire to reconstruct the sexually-charged, physically difficult, and politically dangerous lives of Chinese communists in the Soviet Union. The choices they made shaped not only the lives of their children, but also the postwar alliance between the People's Republic of China and Soviet Russia. Red at Heart brings to life a cast of transnational characters-including a son of Chiang Kai-shek and a wife of Mao Zedong-who connected the two great communist revolutions in human terms. Weaving personal stories and cultural interactions into political history, McGuire movingly shows that the Sino-Soviet relationship was not a brotherhood or a friendship, but rather played out in phases like many lifelong love affairs - from first love, early betrayal, and love children; through eventual marriage with its conveniences and annoyances, guarded optimism, and official heirs; to divorce, reconciliation, and a nostalgia that lingers even today. A century after 1917, this book offers a novel story about Chinese communism, the Russian Revolution's most geopolitically significant legacy.


Prologue At Vova's
Introduction: Serious Romance
Part I: First Encounters: Circa 1921
1 Emi's Adventures: Changsha-Paris-Moscow
2 Qu's Quest: Tolstoy and the Trans-Siberian
3 New Youth, New Russians
Part II: School Crushes: 1920s
4 School Dramas: Costumes, Lines, Roles
5 Shanghai University and the Comintern's Curriculum
6 A Crush on Russia: Qu's Female Proteges
7 Chiang Kaishek's Son in Red Wonderland
8 Heartbreak: the Demise of Qu
Part III: Love Affairs: 1930s-1940s
9 Kolia the Chinese
10 Liza/Li: The Agitator and the Aristocrat
11 Emi/Eva: The Love Affairs of a Sino-Soviet Poet
12 The Legend of He Zizhen: Mao's Wife in Moscow
13 Sino-Soviet Love Children
Part IV: Families: 1950s
14 Male Metaphors: Mao, Stalin & Brotherhood
15 Wang, Dasha, and Nastya: Russian Romance Redux
16 Legitimate Offspring: Chinese Students in 1950s Moscow
17 Female Families: Liza's Home, Eva's Adventures
Part V: Last Kisses: 1960s and Beyond
18 The Split Within: Sino-Soviet Families Under Pressure
19 Defiant Romantics: Ironies of Cultural Revolution
20 Nostalgia: Wang's Search
Epilogue At Yura's


Elizabeth McGuire is Assistant Professor of History at California State University, East Bay. She has studied, lived, and worked in Moscow and Beijing.